1. Hey there I have a question need your help I have a set up and it consists of 2 grow tents that are 5x5x6 1000w led lights and everything else needed my question is how should I set up my grow should I have one tent in veg one in flower or one momma and other clone ?

  2. Great video man. It was great to see the Jilly Bean girls lookin so fine. Its one of my all time favs for rec/fun/social smokes. It has 4 pheno's if I remember correctly. Thats one of the things thst Subcool didnt like about the Jilly & Hopes Mrs Jill will work on stabilizing its genetics. I grew it way back in 05 I think? indoors in 7 gal pots. Like all TGA strains. they all seen to love & actually need multiple toppings & plenty of room to grow to their fullest potential. They can get massive outside.

  3. Looks fire brody..you SHOUD try deleafing atleast one or two just to compare this is science u know…

  4. Is this all personal use or do you sell to dispensaries and certain medical patients as a craft grower?

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