1. Great video, do you guys deliver, to Kuwait, for personal use, give me your email for more details

  2. Outstanding as always brother av bern following mafriend am round abt same stage av got 3xfem barneys farm vanila kush 1xpurple Haze Bfarm aswell 4xAK Fem frm dinafem
    3xfem OG CANDYDAWG KUSH fem frm seed stockers
    All between 4wk 3wk n 2wk n cpl days old been trying to stagger them jst flipped a 600watt tent with 9 in it at mo buddy..few days in now. Your grows hav always encuraged me n hav been very helpfull so jst to say cheeeers mafriend for taken time out ur day to upload n document ur projects thanks .. ill always b tuned in buddy a was barrex frm youtube for 6mths their n thay deleted all my vids i dodged a bullet cause it was last summer wen thay wher shutting all the grow channels dwm..so thank god but am a bit parra to upload again incase thay exacute ma channel this time thay says illegal content.cause am in Glasgow scotland uk. Well mafriend av rabbited on am heavaly medicated dabbing all morning frm wen a gt in frm work as you do knw..lol. take care buddy peace

  3. Great video, they are looking awesome for day 31. Thanks for sharing, keep them coming cheers

  4. Awesome selection of strains my Friend, I know that all of them are in very good hands. Great job. Salud : )

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