1. Watch Rick Simpson Run from the cure. It is absolutely the answer. Ive seen it work multiple times. Do not do chemo or radiation. Try Rick Simpson Oil and enjoy the rest of your cancer free life. Its that simple.

  2. please don’t ignore this testimony i am here to give thanks to Dr Rick Simpson for using his oil to cure my uncle cancer of 4 years we have taking him to different hospital the doctors could not cure him and we have spend a lot of money on his cancer until he see a friend who share his testimony about the oil and i quickly email him at (ricksimpsoncannabisoil27@gmail.com) and i tell him about my uncle situation and received the oil and use it on my uncle now my uncle is totally healthy .thanks to Dr Rick Simpson please email him and help your love ones c(cannabisoil234@gmail.com)

  3. What an outrage! I could not even finish watching, "marijuana curing cancer" WHAT??! What is wrong with this guys? How is he an MD? I can't even process that, he says after rubbing marijuana oil, the cancer fell off. Come on!!! It is like going back to blood letting in the middle ages to cure any sort of illness. Little advice, if you ever find out you got cancer, rub marijuana oil in you body and see how long you will live after it metastasises.

  4. What kind of person can call themselves a "doctor" yet use weak anecdotal evidence as some kind of "claim" for a cancer cure? There was literally not 1 thing this guy said that can be backed up by peer reviewed evidence.

  5. My best friend got lung cancer amd started treating with Rick Simpson method. He took the oil daily without missing for three years and eventually died. It doesn't work.

  6. Every person I have ever known who uses cannabis looks smells and acts like a complete tool.Id rather have cancer than be like them dirty scumbags.

  7. Does anyone have any references or websites they recommend for researching this Rick Simpson Oil?

  8. Rick Simpson Oil if made correctly which is relatively easy (i don't believe buying it from a dispensary is a good idea) will cure any cancer in the body if chemo or radiation has not been used. I have made it and seen this miracle with my own eyes.

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