Cannabis 101 | National Geographic

Cannabis is the most frequently used illicit substance in the United States. Find out about the history of marijuana use, the chemistry behind a “high”, and the …


  1. The use of cannabis is heavily debated, with studies showing both positive and negative effects of the drug. What are your thoughts on using marijuana?

  2. this is framed in a very targeted bordering on propagandic way – comparing and mixing a mess of misinformation and truths – research everything, y'all: we have to go read up on everything and best go directly to universities and other top establishments in the fields of science, etc.

  3. Calling it marijuana only helps towards the stigma that cannabis cannot be used for good. Personally, I rely on to treat chronic nausea. So many specialists given up on me. I deserve a chance

  4. This is all bs there’s bigger problems out there it’s just a plant. MAKE IT LEGAL ,GET OVER IT!!!!

  5. Is lovely except mild side effects, obviously is medicine for cancer and things so should be healing drug is fine n all

  6. Surely a greater contributor to stunted brain development and mental health issues in young people is their addiction to (legal) cell phones. Over 30 years of smoking and not even the nuclear grade stuff has made me have hallucinations. It can make me have lucid dreams.

  7. I've been smoking everyday for 20 years, I've gone through university, had art exhibitions, learnt to play drums and the guitar,I speak 2 languages, I run my own web design company and enjoy a spot of gardening. Alcohol kills your liver function, messes with your sense of balance, provokes violence , causes heart disease, and is one of the main reasons for domestic violence,child abuse and divorce. So I'll pass on that beer thanks for the offer.

  8. After living 40 years as a heroin addict ,I must profess that marijuana has helped me to get off heroin. I have been narcotic free for a year as of may 10th, 2019.I am a spokesperson for Therapeutic health Services which is a methadone providing organization. Marijuana has literally saved my life. I am currently detoxing medically off methadone and without the assistance of cannabis I don't believe i'd be attempting this.

  9. Those hospitals you guys like so much? I smoke about 3.5 grams a day while I build em for yall. 😘

  10. when lil dicky came out earth and Weed was shown in it. National Geographic:Why not make a Video About WEED??

  11. Lol so much twisting of the truth in one video. Clearly anti-cannabis. Now make "Alcohol 101" and "Cigarettes 101", let's see how many positive things you can say about those.

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