1. Dan, you’re a SUPERSTAR! Videos are second to none. Keep em coming. Love the mountain scenes on your trips

  2. I've been enjoying the adventure videos. I've lived in Utah most of my life so it's cool to see your experience on things that we take for granted sometimes. Cheers!

  3. Great replay of your O/S bounce play and thought process. Very logical and well detailed. Thanks

  4. I bet a lot (90% of my trading account) into ACB. After missing Oct 17, 2018, it was really hard going through ups / downs until March when I sold off bit of profit. Lesson I learned- risk no more than 10% of trading account when trading short term. I cannot beat HFT, and odds clearly favor the Algo traders in short term. Use stop loss if I cannot stomach any loss. However, companies like CGC and ACB will bounce back eventually to my break even level, so as long as I don't need cash, I wait to get my money back (or some more ^_^). I learned importance of having cash on the side, that really help mentally to remain calm and not making irrational trades. Thanks for the video!.

  5. CGC and ACB bounced off 8.40 and 40.56 area rather quickly. I went with CGC and am holding it to see what it does on Monday.

    I did take a loss on CGC but covered it on a reentry after it bounced off of 40.56.

  6. I played trst oversold bounce and took a loss as well, I bought at pre-
    market… took 4% loss of it

  7. Thanks for the video Dan! Had to fend for myself today without your video last night. Very glad your back, I feel so much more confident after watching your recap of the day.

  8. Again Dan thanks for sharing your skills, I owe you so much of the knowledge I have. You're the best !

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