1. Haters are only showing that you are doing something outstanding brother, you are an inspiration to many including myself, I hope that you enjoy doing this otherwise you should simply do what calls you, sending you some positive vibes today !

  2. Dan, is it possible on stocks like APHA, where you are watching US price, you could add a redline that traces CDN price? For your Canadian viewers, please?

  3. Do you see Aurora as one that will ever head to where cgc is. Currently in acb, but am thinking of selling and going long into cgc. Curious as to your thoughts.

  4. RIV? Cup and handle hourly? Head and shoulders forming daily? Big potential up swing…dvs

  5. You the man dan! Making vids and keeping up with markets while on vacation. Dont worry bout them haters dawg keep doing your thang. Big thanks to you for all that you do.

  6. I didn't think you were joking about the likes in the last video and I have a dry and sarcastic sense of humour.

  7. Thank you for illustrating specific trades. This is the sort of thing I look for(reversal of 5m trend), except I would be playing it badly and trying to squeeze out 10 cents.

  8. Dan, I’m currently on vacation in Cancun and watching your videos daily! Do good things, love your videos.

  9. Dan .. you are a funny guy .. I'm sure mmen will be in your us mj video. Id love to see if you are playing their earnings bullish. I see this as an easy 2 or 3 bagger. Easiest one of the tickers im watching. Do good things

  10. Hey Dan, Thanks for your technical videos. Genuinely appreciate you spending time to educate people.

  11. Hello dan I’m just trying to get ahold of you to ask you to do just one forex video for learning if you could chart a few currencies against each other like eur to usd or anything. That would be much appreciated thank you very much

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