1. 5:55 There is one aspect of this that Josh has missed entirely. A person may be suffering from disabling mental health issues which make every day living difficult. Introducing the proper blend to this person’s life may reduce the impact of that debilitating feature within them, thus enabling the person to live a more fulfilling existence as they are not hampered. So if this is the case, it may very well help a person get closer to their potential.

    Please don’t compare this idea to that of the alcoholic who drinks to ‘get by’ because all that does is show you are not informed enough on the topic to participate in a reasonable debate.

  2. I agree that marijuana actually helps with depression. I'm not sure if I agree with HOW it helps with depression with Josh. With me personally as I would get high af I would go deep into my own brain and thoughts, and it would force me to think about and confront my issues in my own life. The more I would think about my situations in life from an objective perspective, the more I would understand myself on a deeper level. The more I understood about myself, the easier it was to tackle my problems in my life. Weed is the best therapist anyone could ever ask for in my opinion. "The only out is through"

  3. Just my two cents I feel like using marijuana to treat depression is a very find line. Smoking cause you’re dealing with an issue or trying to unwind might feel like it’s the only way to relax when stressed. I don’t feel it can cure depression but in moderation when having a tough time of course can lighten the mood. If one isn’t sacrificing them obtaining there goals or happiness for the sake of smoking it’s not too much of a problem. It’s when you associate your happiness with smoking and not using it as a reward you earned. Like a beer at the end of the day but not nearly as bad for you

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  5. Definitely don’t use weed as a crutch for depression. Try improving your diet (seriously), exercise for 20 mins a day, and look for a greater purpose in your life. Weed can then help along the way.

  6. No weed can’t. It really has made it worse after using it for 5 years after my mother committed suicide. Maybe it has helped calm down anxiety. What helped the most was taken therapy. And like what Josh said it really just allows you to ignore your problems. It’s still a crutch the same way heroin is. It’s just weed is okay to do every once in a while!

  7. Smoked at least once a day for over 2 years. Got promoted and realized that with a significant amount of responsibilities weed is not always your friend. Do I still smoke? Yes. Don’t know if it has to do with the Marijuana but since that day I have only been sick 1-2 times, as well as a rise in my metabolism. I believe it can help many different people in many different ways. There is a time and a place for it, but 24/7 in my experience is most likely holding people (not everyone) back from their potential.

  8. Highly dependent on the personality type. A self destructive weed smoker would definitely be more inclined for intrusive dark thoughts to enter the mind. In contrast, a highly motivated personality type would be a lot more likely to use it as one would use alcohol after work, or use it for creativity.

  9. I’m from Canada so weed is legal here now thank god! But I’ve learnt the same things these guys are talking about. Don’t get stoned all the time. Do it once in awhile to unwind and relax. I’ll get high 2 or 3 times a week and only after I’m done everything I needed to do in the day. Works well for me

  10. Whenever I smoke, I begin over thinking everything going on in my life and it eats me alive and makes me beyond depressed. Can Anyone relate?

  11. I love that you guys reached out to josh. I love the weedtube community and having them mesh with the “gaming” community like this is great!

  12. I used to be high all the time – causes some problems, but I def wasn't feeling the depression. Used to get paranoid sometimes in the beginning.

  13. Weed is not just weed. It is a family of plants. One strain will do these things, others with give you energy, drive and focus. Like any drug, use it properly and it will work. Misuse it and it will only make life worse. Simplifying it like people are just doesn’t work.

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