Can CBD Help You Sleep Better? How CBD Helps Insomnia by Thomas DeLauer

DOES CBD HELP YOU SLEEP? 70 million people In the United States suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep or another sleep disorder. This video explains …


  1. Why does CBD work when it comes to better sleep? Thomas Delauer discusses what CBD does to your serotonin levels to allow you to rest easier. Has CBD helped you sleep longer and deeper? Let us know in the comments below. Confused about how to use CBD? Ask us.

  2. CBD oil vapor has really help me I’ve got some panic attack‘s not exactly knowing exactly what it is but knowing since I’ve been taking the vapor it has Made my panic attacks go away quicker and I don’t have as many used the last two days now on only one day and they go by a lot quicker I am so thankful for CBD oil extract it is God sent for me

  3. Can you recommend something it’s confusing with all these products out there this sucks

  4. It’s all fake I’ve tried 4 different ones did nothing for my pain or anxiety, if you know who has the real cbd let me know thank you

  5. You say that they took 160 mg,, but dont tell how strong the CBD was, like 3 o/o, 5 o/o, 10 o/o etc., isnt that important?

  6. Sold where I work. Helps some, not all. Only way to know is try it and see. Be patient, consistent and realistic. Customers want a promise that can't be predicted.

  7. Diagnosed with a brain tumor causing seizures. CBD seems to make symptoms worse. I have heard a few times that with a brain tumor you don't want any THC at all??? Has anyone heard of this before?

  8. Cbd is good for anxiety but for falling a sleep it doesnt do shit…You just must acept "insomnia" and live with this bitch or you can become addict and start poping sleeping pills.

  9. My doctor has me on an antidepressant and I’m also suffering with insomnia and that’s been for years. I ordered cod oil today. Can I take it with my cymbalta?

  10. Bro your videos are phenomenal truly! I have learned a TON from you but please learn how to pronounce Anandamide! I can barely concentrate on the content cuz it bugs the heck out of me to hear you mispronounce the compound EVERY SINGLE TIME! Lol

  11. That's all cbd is good for is sleep.does nothing for chronic evening sleeping might not work.toooo many shitty cbd products out there.

  12. Is it dangerous to use cbd oil when you are on antidepressants (SSRIs) ? Could it lead to serotonin syndrome ?

  13. I have to say, I heard that CBD helps you sleep and I bought CBP vape oil cuz sometimes I have problems to sleep. I noticed two days of using CBD that when I wanted to sleep, I could not get my sleep like after 2 hours. I was just laying on my bed, very relaxed, but could not sleep. Now I know it does help with anxiety and tireness, but for sleep it hasn't been helpful to me.

  14. I bet the people who have health problems in general don't eat a proper diet. They don't get all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals etc. from the food they consume. Or they eat food that inhibits them from absorbing the proper nutrients.

  15. if doctors have been looking at CBD for years, why isn't it promoted by the medical community?

  16. Cbd is great a real blessing to people like myself who sffer from chronic pain. Its a natural anti anxiety med and wonderful fot sleep and stress. I combine it with with magnesium. L threonate for maximum effect. God bless.

  17. CBD oil was starting to effect my sleep to the point where I was going to bed too late. I stopped talking CBD and my sleep patterns returned to normal (-ish)

  18. I actually find that CBD helps me get to sleep sooner, but I end up getting an inferior quality of sleep, because it doesn’t allow my body to and brain to get enough deep sleep or REM sleep, just a lot of light sleep.

  19. apparently octagonal biolabs likes thomas and thomas likes the paycheck. They have no information on their website to prove their products are better then anyone else.

  20. KEEP THESE COMING, i have chronic pain from bulging discs, sciatica,and knee replacement surgery. i am tired of taking nsid's and don't want to take opiods from docs. thinking of taking CBD and want to learn more. i was a Chemist and understand most,(lol) of what you are saying. gotten old and the brain doesn't work like it used to.70 years

  21. The dream recall bullshit in the end is not true.

    Our body cycles thru all phases of sleep during night, so no matter what you are dreaming some of the time every night, during rem phase , the body needs rem dream state and also needs the deep sleep, so that is not a good measure.
    Also people can be trained to recall dreams , and it all depends by the person, and just because you dont recall doesn't mean it didn't happen , it always happens .

    Dream sleep rem is pretty important too ,(it clears out your brains "drainage system" and it consolidates new memories) , as important as deep sleep..

    Everything you said about sleep is wrong.

    You went beyond what the study said, and you included a lot of things by yourself.

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