1. That is the reason the conspiracy is against President Trump. Read "Shadow of the Swastika hemp", and the "Cannabis Hemp: the Invisible Prohibition Revealed".

  2. what % concentration is THC & CBD Rick Simpson oil?? normal CBD oil is 2.75% CBD, & 0.2<THC. thanks

  3. its true still about observing your thoughts and choosing not to react to certain thoughts through meditation

  4. I don't think it cures cancer, there are so many different types of cancer, however I believe that cannabis oil would eradicate the type of cancer the individual had at the time. Without side effects, I think this is still a promising thought.

  5. Still a no. Cannabis does not cure cancer. There are many types of cancer that respond to different treatments. What can work for one does not work for the other. To make ridiculous claims that cannabis oil cures cancer is not only ignorant, wishful thinking but can be detrimental to someone who is going through cancer and attempts to cure it with snake oil.

  6. Fucking NO.
    And the only thing that reprieves you idiots from posting this is you're not claiming you're medical professionals….

  7. My mum has had Stage 4 lung cancer for 7 years. Trial drug treatment has stabilised the disease far far FAR beyond what was expected as they originally gave her 6 months. She has never taken Cannabis. I think Dorian is perhaps more paranoid about all the red meat and crap he has eaten throughout his life, as it isn't good in the long run. However, it is interesting…

  8. This is crazy. Im sure it helps but it wont cure cancer. If so why did the biggest pot head on earth Terrence McKenna die of brain cancer?

  9. I wish more bodybuilders talked like this. Modern day bodybuilders come off so boring personality wise.

    thank you for pointing the right way all of us and young boys and girls, continue ……WELLLL, WELLL, WELLLL

  11. Dorian has been smoking too much skunk.There are thousands of brilliant people working to beat this disease all over the world. He finds the cure talking to a man on a beach in Brazil?As a bodybuilder he talked rationally, now he sounds like a crank.Sorry Mr Yates you are very wrong and should know better.

  12. met a dealer in brazil who told him it prevents cancer ha ha u bellend believe a dealer ……………

  13. Smoking weed definitely causes cancer , when you burn cannabis it changes the composition and creates cancer causing chemicals . Eating weed I believe is very beneficial and cancer preventive.

  14. The government make too much money treating people with cancers and various other diseases. They are not interested in finding new cures and will stop anything or anyone who will jeopardise this system. Drugs are sold in uk and usa for 1000% more money than they are bought. It's a business and without customers they will fail. It's so sad. This is also connected with gp's who will totally disregard homeopathic remedies when questioned about them. I have experienced this myself with Echinaccea the herbal antibiotic. Things need to change somehow.

  15. my name is john levison, i have had diabetes and cancer for a very long period of time since 4yrs ago it seems worst . i have tried all remedies, i have been to many hospital, all to no avail. believe me i have suffer much i feel like giving up. but i keep hoping for the best doctor to come treat me because i can afford it, sometimes what we neglect have much value only if you can discover it…i have spent much money on drugs i have paid a lots of money to many doctors, but today i am alive very healthy not by doctors specification but by herbs. i meet a man who after some questioning send me some herbs and oil.about two weeks later i got cured. today is great testimony to me.i am indeed grateful to God almighty and thanks to sale bashiru may God bless you sir.here is my contact if you are interested in meeting him contact me, you might just be lucky. johnlevison8842gmail.com

  16. GW pharmaceuticals is the company in the UK… and they are making millions, check out their stocks. They are charging more than the black market for cannabis and they grow tons of it every year, yet still the government (who funded this company to the tune of over 20 mil) insist it has NO medical benefit. Its hypocrisy at its ugliest.

  17. Terence Mckenna that had a lifetime of heavy usage and died from cancer.
    It was a rare brain cancer so cannabis is not a cure all but can proplaly be very usefull in getting rid of many types of cancer.

  18. Considering how beneficial Cannabis is to multiple ailments, and more discoveries are being made now that there's actual research being done, I wouldn't be surprised if we find out it does cure cancer.

  19. This guy has got it spot on. Very well educated, not scared to speak the truth. Imagine if politicians were like this …

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