Buying Marijuana In Canada

Buying Marijuana in Canada: Legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada is HUGE because Canada is now the largest country to allow its citizens to buy …


  1. I had the same anticipation watching him open his package of pot as I would watching him open a Kinder Surprise Egg. In Ontario, you can smoke it anywhere you can smoke cigarettes

  2. While the legal minimum age in British Columbia is 19, it varies from province to province. Good informational video though.

  3. I live in Hungary (east EU) and my shameful, post-socialist, overconservative country doesn't even have major arguments about marijuana, although serious amount of people use it (incl. me). Stupid alcohol is promoted everywhere and exceptionally easy to buy on every damn corner of course… I wish I could live in a more educated and tolerant country.

  4. No way in hell this would happen in Australia. We cant even legally buy nicotine vapes without importing from nearby countries.

  5. LOL 1 billion we didnt scratch that. Our legal prices is ridiculously high. 7grams for a 100… yeah ill go to the blackmarket 1oz for 125 THANKS!

  6. In Indiana recently stores are now allowed to sell CBD oil, which wont get you high but its a step in the right direction. I have yet to smoke any weed that has come from states that are allowed to sell it. I forgot to say that I have not smoked in about 10 years, I guess that is important to note!! Even though I have not smoked in a long time if it was legal here, Im sure I would smoke periodically. I could always drive to Michigan where its legal and bring it back to my house, as long as I don't get pulled over after I cross the state line!

  7. Saying that you are nervous about people driving high is such a petty reason to be against bud they know they like getting high why bc they do it either way so why would it be any different when it's legal just bc it's safer and easier to get again either way they will be smoking and getting high be no different people just find shit to hate on bc they listen to what everyone else says instead of actually sitting down and making there own decision about it but nope they are just gonna hate and ruin it for everyone else that would benefit off it instead of just simply not smoking it and living life normally ………funny how the most dangerous thing about pot is getting caught with it

  8. Even though some states have it "legal", it's still FEDERALLY ILLEGAL in the US, which would superceded those rights. Obviously, federal law rarely exercise that. But the fact they CAN shows you how "legal" it is even in those states it's legal. The only way to do it is like Canada: nation wide. The US is far too old fashioned for that, though a lot of US residents would love for it to be legal federally.

  9. If I buy in toronto is purchasing online the only option or do they sell directly from the store?

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