Brian Clement, Ph.D. – Food Is Medicine: The Scientific Evidence – Offstage Interview – 2019

Did you know that what you eat could be making you sick? It’s true. Some foods such as poultry, beef, and dairy clog your body with energy-depleting fats, toxins, …


  1. Fruit and plant eaters are monkeys. More plants and stems then your a gorilla. Add cooked starch as majority of food then your a human.

  2. God asked us to consume fruits! "Fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing." Ezekiel 47:12.
    also the longest living people in this world eat cooked food including bread, pasta, sweet potatoes, corn and white rice and they do not consume 35 pills a day as he admitted in anther video!

  3. 31:25 – amazing quote – โ€œpeople that eat the smallest amounts of the most nutritious foods have have the least disease and live the longestโ€

  4. just a pity that beans and lentils don't taste as good as chicken, fish, pork and beef. Great if you want to live longer but id rather have a SMALL amount of animal products on my plate and in my coffee. When it comes to anthropology I would rather look at the digestive system, our enzymes and our ability to assimilate and use different foods. At 65 I am good for my age. Time will tell.

  5. As long as you do not consume fruit with other foods in your stomach, you can never eat too much fruit!

  6. Micheal Tellinger has a great idea called UBUNDU and I though you all would be interested in it if you hadn't already seen it.

  7. I LOVE THESE SEGMENTS but the lighting is strange – not helpful when pushing health =– those interviewed look pinker and healthier on all other videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Please don't waste your money on a q link or high pulse or whatever its called now ( 16:05 ) unless you're a golf playing millionaire and are bored from buying so many white polo shirts you just want to buy something more shiny for a change. I wasted the value of 90 bags of broccoli on one of those useless pieces of placebo crap once, because Ken Wilber recommended it and for a while i wanted to be him, haha.

  9. "Removing fruit improves diabetes radically" – total hogwash. Type 2 diabetes can be cured using white rice and sugar. Something is "off" with this presenter. He also suggests oils are needed for good health. Again, nonsense. If he was correct fruitarians wouldn't survive. They don't survive, they thrive.

  10. This may be the most important video on YouTube. Years ago I read Ann Wigmore's Sprouting books, Gabriel Cousens' Rainbow diet, and also Max Gerson's 50 cases of Cancer. I've read several of Brian's books and won't be eating any animal products . . . I have a fairly large organic garden. Now, that's good for my life. But our country is in a terrible mess. Please share these videos.

  11. You are wrong about organic farm. I go to my local org.farmer and see it. I know another one that drives 50miles farther to have a small processor for less trama to animal, cleaner.

    unfortunately, all does have to have certain vaccine.

  12. where and how can I buy what you have around your neck to protect against radiation from cellphones and electro magnetic,Can I order it from Hippocrates,?Or can I find it in Sweden,Stockholm where I live?

  13. can one eat a plantbased diet without alges? And to eat mostly rawdood.I have no thyroid.I had cancer.I cannot eat iodine

  14. Brian Clement you need to read this inspired Book titled <<COUNSELS ON DIET AND FOODS>>ITS AUTHOR INSPIRED BY GOD ELLEN G. WHITE . GO READ IT PLEASE! Take your time and read it brother.

  15. It's hard to beile this guy is almost 70. He looks like he could be in his late 40s with hair of a 25 year old. He must be doing something right!

  16. B12 …So how did people get it before industrial times when we didn't just have a pill to pop or the knowledge to combine foods?

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