This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ The final harvest results of the Blue Dream autoflower. I am going to weigh up the harvest and go over the drying, …


  1. Hi Matt What is your finish humidity in the jars for cure. Hope to see you back on the air soon. Just about done with my first grow and you have been a HUGE help with your videos. Thanks

  2. Impressive grow. With an impressive yield. What was the quality of the end flower like? Also, is the auto flower bluedream on par with the regular bluedream in terms of yield and quality or is there a noticeable difference?

  3. I love your narration on this video!!! Man your production value + your growing skillz= totally underrated Grower/channel!!!! Mad Grower love Canuck

  4. Matty “Big Buds” Canuck!!!! I know you said love hate, but damn brotha………….🔥🔥🔥

  5. I am very influential of your work… Since watching every single video you've posted I've decided to grow myself it woukd be a blessing to converse with you 1 on 1 about a couple things

  6. So you can only clone plants from regular seeds what about feminized seeds?
    Autoseeds you have to keep buying?

  7. So sick dude. Love the job. Please can you explain to me why you dry trim? I understand you want to let it dry longer in order to help with the smell and smoke. Have you ever compared? Have you Wet trimmed? I need to harvest my babies and i feel that wet trimming will get more of the leaves out of the way. Im confused. Is there even really a difference? Thanks so much bud.

  8. Currently I'm using surgical scissors, they work quite well. Your fancy snips look great though

  9. Your grows have always looked crazy and of premium quality. As a Canadian, is there a way to legally buy your cannabis?

  10. I feel asif if you threw in a HPS or mh bulb in your little room with the LED they'd come out even better

  11. Vote for Bernie Sanders For President in 2020 to end the war on drugs and end the prohibition against Marijuana or Cannabis spread the word ! Copy and paste !

  12. Hey Matt, newbie question when you mix your amendments how many cups do you use of each in a 50L bag of coco? Just want to make sure I got it right lol it seems like a lot compared to you vid thx 😬🤔 I remember the ratio but again just making sure on the mix

  13. So I’m high watching this…. and i randomly thought “ this nigga sound like spongebob “ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. I've been runing your my own plants in the coco n dr eath but seem to be getting a burn on the leaves. How can it be. I ph my water everytime 6.7

  15. Man you just blow my mind away with the quality of your beautiful plants keep up the amazing work!!!!

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