THE CANNABIS STOCKS / WEED BUBBLE IS BACK! If you have been watching the stock market this last couple weeks, there’s a small chance you haven’t …


  1. Pot stocks, wow ever since they legalized marijuana these idiots have gone insane. First weed, next hard drugs will be legalized, stupid idiots, there's more to life than getting rich, dumb morons

  2. any tips on the new CBD/hemp space stocks? I have been reading randomly about CBDD and HEMP on forums, do you think any of the two are good? what about nbev? I would greatly appreciate your opinion, thank you

  3. I don't know what the hell this guy is talking about. Aphria is sketchy—REALLY??? Aphria is one of the top five marijuana companies in the world, with a marker cap of 3.2BILLION. It has an average volume (10-day) of 2.2M shares. Its five letter designation has no bearing on the performance of the stock.

  4. It's more comparable to investing in alcohol during prohibition. I started getting in 2012…. Most of mine are up thousands of percent. Lots of money to be made when the big catalyst happens … Nationwide legalization. Also Canada legal sale of marijuana happens in October…. So this will probably push them up higher. Obviously there eventually will be a fallout but those who are smart enough to get in early and exit when the Hysteria happens will make alot. A once illegal substance that is making it's way into recreational products and medicine…. Once in a lifetime investment opportunity.

  5. thanks Josh! I’m trying to make it to your level. I’ve been working full time and going to school. Pushing myself to the limit. You are one of my favorites on YouTube!

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