BEAUTY NEWS – 18 December 2019 | New & Updates

1:37 Beauty Bakerie Cake Face Concealer + Do It For The Graham Palette 3:08 BH Cosmetics X Marvyn Macnificent Marvycorn’s Palette 3:50 Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Weightless Foundation


  1. Am I the only one who doesn't support the Kardashians in anything they do? 💜💜💜TFS💜💜💜

  2. Happy new year! I need to try some of these! Some look so good! I also did a New Makeup Releases video, take a look 👀 💕

  3. I buy so much of my new products from what you all talk about on here!! I love your channel!!!

    I actually did a new video on these new three shades from Stila and they are super pretty! They don’t look that great on Sephora’s website, but I do show swatches on my channel! Check it out if y’all wanna see them in action!!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Hey guys just a quick question – how do natural and synthetic hair differ with performance? I heard people saying synthetic brushes work best with cream products but why is that? Thanks for the great video as per x

  5. 2018 is going to be the year of stripper makeup and purple lovers. I hate the color purple. Uuggghhhh

  6. actually the new wet n wild single highlighters are all different than the palette. (unless im missing something)

  7. You guys came up in my suggested videos and I let it play through in the background while I was cleaning,I perked up when you guys started talking about the GigixMB collection and proceeded to laugh my ass off. I'm not sure how I missed your guys's videos for so long,but I definitely won't be missing another one!

  8. i admit at first when i started watching Beauty News i was a bit put off by the long videos. i couldn't imagine watching through an hour long video and sometimes i would just skip to the brands i liked. BUT now i find myself watching the whole damm thing and really enjoying! I just watch it with my dinner or lunch, or a cup of coffee, and just listen to you guys talk, you make me laugh so much…i don't skip anything, even the brands i don't care for, because i just like hearing you talk shit about them and i love your humor 🙂
    XOXO sending love from Israel!

  9. The new Stila Magnificent Metals shades remind me of neapolitan ice cream hah great video as always!

  10. Well goat bristles are arguably the ones to vary the most in quality, across the market. I have goat that could poke my eye out and I have goat that feels like blue squirrel (said to be the nicest natural bristle; silk-like). Still, very surprised Kylie would choose natural hair. Perhaps the only way to justify the price – sort of. But when you're super vague about the bristles themselves…why would anyone pay anything? And she compared her brushes to Kevyn Aucoin… That disrespect alone… Well, I would never buy anything of hers so.

  11. I’m so glad I never bought that Huda palette, half of those new releases are boring! Coffee is a LIFE GIVER! 😹😹

  12. The only color being sold from the Wet N Wild Highlighter palette is Diamond Lilly. I just ordered it, I hope they come out with the other 3. I would totaly would buy them all.

  13. 🙄 When will companies work out that they can do something other than "Unicorn" 😭 I've been waiting for something new for like a year

  14. Oh, Colourpop with the new releases – I finally ordered the 'Yes, Please' palette over the weekend [free shipping and 20% off] now let's see what else is new! They really do need to slow their role. I try not to even look at their singles anymore; there's so many I'm bitter about missing. I hadn't heard of 'Certifeye' until the last, real rainbow palette ya'll mentioned and that one's still on my list for this coming year.. never made it off the list this one, so we'll try for 2018! It's always nice to have goals!!

    and, yeah, I love the 'Yes, To' line, especially the coconut and cucumber ones.. but that coconut oil stick makes my face feel horrible just looking at it.

  15. Please destroy/repress the Sugar Palette, Youkeyy did a review on this palette and it looks like shit

  16. I'm watching you guys do the mail and I'm thinking im going to send you some homemade years. I canned apple butter, mulled cider and relish. I'm just working out the logistics. May also include some of the jewelry and scrubs I make if I can figure out how they'll let me ship them into australia

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