OPEN ME PRODUCTS I MENTIONED: – HERBIVORE Emerald Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Deep Moisture Glow Oil – Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment …


  1. I have realized I absolutely hate lotion moisturizers. I completely agreed with you when you said creams/lotions are greasy. I’ve tried a few gel moisturizers, and they make my skin feel so soft, thank you for another gel moisturizer recommendation

  2. Lol hates the smell of the mask then smells it ahahah that is me in a nut shell then i say no seriously you got to smell it to whoever is around me… like if i have to smell that shitty stuff you do to lol also me I love it ahha

  3. You’re hilarious. That earned a 👍🏼!! I came here for the herbivore glow oil and you literally convinced me to buy it on Sephora. Thank you girl 💖

  4. Your hair looks amazing!!! You should do a video about your experience with extensions. I would love to know what type/brand you have

  5. I’m going to trust you on this Emerald oil because I’m the greasiest person on earth. Don’t steer me wrong!

  6. The Sephora Mattifying Mask is literally just like that GlamGlow one! It's also $25CND, so…you know. Much cheaper in the States.

  7. hehe, I fell in love with that Leneige Sleeping Mask the same exact way! I had a sample size from an ipsy bag once, and I never really use the skin care stuff…. I ran out of moisturizer, tried that (thinking it was 'just one night'), and I've been hook ever since! It really is awesome! If you don't mind the scent of Lavender, that one is really nice too.

  8. If you like the Physicans Formula bronzer have you tried the Milani Baked bronzer in the color Dolce? It’s a MUST HAVE 💕

  9. I he no idea Batiste had a colored dry shampoo, I have naturally dark brown/black hair and always hated the white residue from dry shampoos. You are amazing for this thank you 🙏🏼😭♥️

  10. Gurl try the IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo. The First Class one is the most intense in terms of cleansing/hold, but the Jet Lag one has no colour and is amazing on fine hair.

  11. I swear at the beginning of this I was thinking how much you were glowing. then you started talking about the oil, I can definitely see a difference! You look beautiful

  12. I heard if you allow the ads play all the way thru YouTubers get paid. Is that true?? Anyways if so youtubers who have babies I let the ads play all the way. It’s a commercial to me so I can run and get something etc.. yw 👍🏼

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