Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby To Congress: Decriminalize And Legalize Marijuana

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby testified Wednesday morning before a congressional panel to support federal decriminalization and legalization of …


  1. this fucking racist bitch should have her ass sued for millions due to trying to railroad baltimore police officers.
    she is a fucking disgrace. i hope the officers are awarded millions in damages due to this piece of shit, and her dead criminal buddy piece of shit freddie gray.

  2. Whites are not our "brothers and sisters" and this issue is about BLACK PEOPLE not "Black and Brown People". Please stop this justice for everybody nonsense.

  3. When did it become not ok to just talk about black ppl especially on black platforms? Wtf is up with the constant use of "black and brown." Why are Hispanics being lumped in with black ppl? Why are black ppl talking on behalf of Hispanics? Hispanics do not talk on behalf of blacks. Roland, you need to do a story on this shift in language. Words are important and by lumping in Hispanics who have a totally different agenda than blacks, (and are racist) blacks are simply diluting their agenda And power. Smfh it's educated ppl who are doing this the most too as this panel shows!! The woman on this panel literally never says "black people" she always says "black and brown" or "people of color." The message that these ppl are sending is that there is something wrong with black ppl being the champions for their cause and their cause alone!

  4. Marilyn is such a great leader! Had the pleasure of meeting her and she's just as fantastic in person! Great job!

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