Australian Medical Association (AMA) on ACT Personal Cannabis Use Bill

This was taken from the ACT committee hearing on 3rd of May 2019. Health, Ageing and Community Services – Inquiry into Drugs of Dependence (Personal …


  1. The fact he says cannabis users cant get a job or a life just shows how brainwashed he really is

  2. Alcohol induced deaths = 1500 Australians each year. Cannabis induced deaths = 0 humans in recorded history. Alcohol is legal to purchase and consume in vast quantities. The Australian Medical Association are hypocrites. Ban alcohol, or legalise cannabis. Pick one.

  3. The fact he compares cannabis addiction to alcohol addiction is infuriating. I understand he has seen many patients affected but I think he neglects factors such as depression, anxiety and most importantly that many young people spin their cannabis with tobacco. Which can all give cannabis a worser image than what it truly is. The withdrawal from just straight cannabis is possibly easier than that of coffee, yet alcohol withdrawal can easily lead to death.

  4. these guys should stick to being doctors , it's ok to smoke fags all your life as long as you have a job even though you will drop dead from it (REALLY).There is always people who can not control their craving for all sorts of things but they don't make it a fine to go and pig out on Macca's or KFC or drinking. The Majority of people who would use cannabis responsibly should not be made to suffer for the small amount of people who abuse it. All their arguments can be used against all sorts of things, food dependence, over the counter meds ect . The reality is people use cannabis now and have for many many wipe out the dealers by legalization then children will find it much harder to get cannabis.Adults will not risk giving children cannabis anymore than they risk giving them alcohol.

  5. Associate Professor Joel Lexchin, study co-author and emergency physician, said there are around 250,000 hospital admissions each year in Australia due to harm from medicine use, at an annual cost of $1.4 billion dollars. He believes approximately half of these presentations could be avoided, but more needs to be done.

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