"Arrest that security guard!"

On November 26, 2018 something happened at Seattle’s Miner’s Landing between security guard Brian Murphy and a male by the name of William Moore.


  1. that paul blart dude is totally coked out. even if he got punched first, he probably deserved it.

  2. Security guard just looking for a fight. he did not see the guy smoking weed, he just assumed he was. he also fucked up by letting the guy go back inside for his food. if he was so in the wrong, he should have kicked him out right away. bu the security knew he was grasping at straws with the weed thing.

    bad security offer…

  3. Who finally got arrested? What was the outcome? Video just ends with no answers. Might as well tell a 30 minute riddle then say so what do you think happened. Watch cctv footage and give us the results. Ughh, I feel cheated.

  4. Lil Asian guy…."as varie as varie"
    I used to go to Seattle frequently, I never saw a female officer like that. My life…..always the citizen, never the criminal 🙁

  5. We gotta get Brian Murphy out of here because we're not gonna arrest him of course not your cool with him

  6. Anybody puts their hands on me or family, they're getting dropped. Charges are just a thing. Put your shoes on.

  7. Chipmunk didn't understand-gosh fight the security and the Seattle PD LETS HIM GO !!???
    antifa runs the streets and Seattle awards them!?!!!?
    Doofus should have been thrashed and tossed head first into the dirtiest dungeon-what an idiot – God help this Republic!!
    Jesus come SOON!!!

  8. This cop still wants to exert power. Calm down or we will put you in cuffs. Like really?? Earning the hate

  9. How did 10 turn to 13??? Security guard Martin to be a piggy Popo failed and ended up getting a security job!!!

  10. The video footage is clear, the guard turned to the woman and as he turned back to the guy the guy was throwing the punch and it connected to his face. Nothing more needs to be said.

  11. It doesn't matter what if people like it or not its privet property if security tells you to leave or your trespassing you have to leave or they can make you leave. If you don't like it don't support that establishment.

  12. Here in Texas that suspect would’ve been charged with violating a criminal trespass order and felony aggravated assault on a security officer (which carries the same weight as assaulting a peace officer).

  13. So security guard didn't like the way the crybaby smelled?
    "You smell you gotta go! "

    All they had to do was LET him leave. The guy wasn't violent until hands got put on him.

  14. Always the same story kids… you start shouting , fighting,biting and at the end you always crying… It is real life not internet …time to grow up 😉

  15. Well, to begin, they're in Seattle, so I doubt that "snowflake" was actually assaulted, more like his disregard for authority kicked in and now he know's he's in trouble..I also love the way the security guards talk like they're in actual law enforcement..

  16. LOL did you see the big bad man take a jab at the guard then get his ass whooped then cry about it like a little girl

  17. Responded to heavily these cops are out of there mind. The security guard got punched in the face ! What do you expect him to do smile and call you to come and rescue him ! !

  18. These officers are so dumb wtf that kid was so in the wrong cuz they just let him go good luck finding him wtf

  19. You conveniently stop the damn video on the part that shows where you got hit. Slow it down and show her the parts where he said what happened piece of s***

  20. Why the hell was he allowed to see through their computer speed it up stop it skip over stuff as he pleased? You don't have anything that I wouldn't do that at play instead of explaining the parts that you didn't play and skip over them? And it is suspicious to me

  21. Speaking of complying in resisting, if you feel you are right and you feel you have been assaulted, how come did he think you're going to be just sit so nicely and just let them put handcuffs on you? Especially if you are a security guard and not really a police officer? Not saying that you should break the law or anything that way. But I don't know who's telling the truth or did that security guard overstepped his boundaries? Is it not enough excitement going on for him? I think I saw a post where someone said that smoking marijuana was legal around there? If so why would he be bothering that guy about smoking it. I don't know. But I do know that the security guard does not seem to be telling 100% truth. And what angers me is when you go to court a police officer can be telling a blatant bold-faced lie. Just because they wear a badge and a uniform and you tell the darn truth and he lies the judge can pretty much figure he's lying and still side with him. I saw personally myself an incident where as police officers assaulted a young man treated him poorly call him racist names because his last name was Muhammad. The reality of it was he was one of nine children. His mother was Muslim. He was from Somalia. Very handsome young man. Very hard-working. Already had some college credits when he graduated from high school. Police officers were jealous because he was smart. He would save every penny he got working after he got out of school. Go to the car sale purchase a car bring it home fix it up a little bit and sell for more than what he bought them for. Did Disc over and over again. Help This Mother Out with the financial part. I saw police officers call him Muslim Terrace. Put him in the back of the car hundred plus degrees in Houston shut the door no AC on purposely. Cursed at him call him all kinds of names called him drug dealer. But they fail to realize is that young man was in college and working and honorable young man in pharmacy school. He went file charges to the man's commanding officer. They tried to talk him out of filing charges and ask him but he sure it is that another. He said yes I'm sure. He went to court the officer lied over and over again. I know that judgment man was lying. I cannot stand a crooked ass or lying ass police officer. Houston has it bad. Don't get me started.

  22. When a copper meets a work mate , moonlighting . And said security . Dishes out a hamburger , with the lot case . That story is so laughable .

  23. Lady with the purse is just asking to get hurt jumping into a fight like that. One day some idiots gonna not realize or car it’s a woman and beam her right in the grill.

  24. Security guard spanks little boy little and made him cry . The shabby scrawny puke probably earned his tears .

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