Are You at Increased Risk of a Continuing Disability Review for a Mental Health Disability?

Is your risk of a continuing disability review and termination of benefits higher if your claim was awarded based on mental health problems? My experience has …


  1. The dodgy psychologist who conducted my 'mental status exam' for my continuing disability review LIED and stated that I showed no emotion whatsoever. When he asked me about my mom I became almost inconsolable and had a brief moment of disassociation because she is so toxic that after her 'before Christmas MELT-DOWN' yearly episode for the umpteenth holiday in a row, I had just made the painful decision to go completely 'No Contact' with her for the rest of my life. He saw it for what it was, but knew the SSA was PAYING him to deny evidence so he lied. I was lucky he had a conscience however because he hinted that HE saw in his expert opinion that I displayed something he referred to as a 'Personality Disorder'. Even with that testimony, the SSA STILL denied my PTSD and Bi-polar case. All through the one and a half years I was receiving benefits, I was still seeing my doctor every other month and still on medication to maintain a normal'esque existance. So, when you say there are no MRI's proving mental illness you are right however, I DID decide to be proactive and follow up on the Personality Disorder hint even though I had been denied during the appeal process and lost my Disability in July. I have good insurance and so I went to a Psychologist and asked him to conduct a professional test to determine whether I did indeed show signs of one of the Personalty Disorders. He took my testimony of what happened to me during the Childhood abuse I suffered and the abuse I suffered at the incompetent school system I worked for 14 years and conducted several other diagnostic tests. One of which was the MMPI-2. I scored significantly on at least 75% of the indicators and it came back as Borderline Personality Disorder. My point is, there ARE tests that can be performed to diagnose and pinpoint Mental Illness beyond mere Anxiety/ Depression catch-all phrases.

  2. They did that to me because the judge said in my award letter that given my age (40), education level of college degree, and previous work history of public music educator 16 years, that I was expected to get better even though I have bo-polar, and PTSD and am on meds that exhaust me. I was kicked off unjustly. I had to get a lawyer to fight it and ended up learning I had not gotten better but foumd out I'm also Borderline Personality disorder on top of everything else. Keep up your medical records to stand a fair fighting chance!!!!! Seek counseling with documentation!!! Get tested by a psychologist and have an MMPI-2 done if you suffer mental issues. The more doctors you get involved, the better your credibility stands.

  3. I always called the Social Security office every time I have a new health issue so when or if I get reviewed, I want them to have all my illnesses and the doctor’s information.

  4. Mr Ginsberg ,what does it mean when you get a review letter? Ive been on disability about 10 yrs and i recently received a 2 page questionaire about my health ,work,etc. it said a review on the paperwork. Will i have to reapply or is that just something to put in my file? Thank you .

  5. Mr. Ginsberg
    I just won my case on 4/1 ( my 3rd hearing) for mental health. I have a review in 18 months. I have a several physical impairments that my judge pretty much ignored. I will continue to watch your videos they are filled with so much helpful advice. My attorney is from Altanta as well and I'm in Washington state.

  6. I watch your video's even though i already won my case i just wanted to say that ss is very bad about keeping up with recordsand assumibg thigs such as oh uve gotten better so u can work….i face a review in 3 yrs afain and im so scared as i just had a review and was terminated and went through about 3 yrs of appeals till i finally saw a jugde who gave me a. Fullly favorable decision and said i had never gotten better. Im not sure why my case is veing reviewed in 3 yrs but it scares me cause ss os bad about assuming things

  7. I don't understand why Social Security is coming so hard after mental issues when so many people have them.

  8. I believe you're correct that they have been "ordered" to try and dump whoever they can, because I received a partially favorable decision and will be facing a review in 2021. 3 yrs from original awarding. I will be 54 at that time. I don't see how they could decide any other way as my medical problems aren't going to change. At least I hope it doesn't get worse, but it isn't going away. Especially taking the grid rules into consideration.

  9. What I find odd in this video was the guy saying the Judge told told him in the hearing he was approved?!?

    Unless SSA policy has changed since 2006 when I was approved was that a Judge could not tell a claimant on record what a decision would be hence one had to wait on a paper decision in the mail.

    Care to shed some light on this subject?

  10. Would you share your opinion/experience with cases with children and mental illnesses specifically bipolar and ADHD thank you so much for your guidance

  11. This is why I did my SSDI claim based on my service-connected physical conditions because even with the VA mental health conditions can be reduced in rating easier than physical conditions. Cancer is the exception here tho that is never considered a static condition.

    Even tho I am rated 30% VA for PTSD I never used that in my SSDI claim just my physical conditions hence awarded SSDI on that alone, and have done 3 CDRs since 2006 hence aced it each time.

  12. This is my 3rd review in 13 years. I'm 36 and been 100% tdiu since I left military service from the VA. Is it normal to get reviewed like this when there has been no change and my conditions have not approved? What can I do to ensure I keep my benefits?

  13. Hi, thank you for the video. I wonder if reviews will consider age of person. How can a person in late fifties or early sixties be expected to find work?

  14. Mr. Ginsberg
    Could please make a video concerning CDR based on cases won by the grid rules…And if you were over 50 but not 55… and you are 55 now… Do you now use the grid rules for 55 and over…for your CDR…

  15. I was recently awarded SSDI based on mental health condition and my award letter never stated when I am expected to be reviewed and I read over the letter quite a bit of times. Do you think this is common not to see the expected time of review on award letter?

  16. I would like to thank you Johnathan, I was facing another pip assesment here in England. It's my 4th assesment in 5years! I have 14 diagnosed illnesses and bipolar depression. Spine disease and lung disease fibromyalgia being the worst of what's wrong with me. I listened to all your vidios over and over, until I felt confident enough to represent myself. My c.p.n took me to the assesment, and guess what???… I won my case. My c.p.n said, I gave a very thorough account of everything I needed her to hear. I got my award 9 weeks later. thanks to your advice! Many thanks ❤

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