1. I’m 36 have been smoking regularly since I was 19 I recently stopped smoking last year and started doing edibles only it’s great for me.. I have kids now and don’t want the smell on me.. my main concern is pesticides.. Does anyone know if it’s possible to test for pesticides at home?

  2. 🙄 a lot of human beings don’t make good decision, especially when it comes to drugs; the problem isn’t thc it’s bad decision making

  3. Really? Even I know you shouldn’t eat the whole food item with marijuana in it. Its slow active.

  4. I can't have edibles that I don't make myself because I get panic attacks, I find smoking much easier to control. Also I agree, you should be able to eat a whole cookie.

  5. Totally disappointed in this. I was hoping for comment on the effects of ingesting for adults who aren't dogs and aren't children and aren't taking their cannabis in weird ways. I have lots of senior citizen friends who use to minimize their need for their prescribed opioids for pain, or who use edibles for other reasons. Please address that….assume only health related discussion when reasonable doses by responsible adults, taking only medibles.

  6. When I was a kid I ate chocolate with marijuana and it was one of the worst experiences in my life.

  7. The real issue is human stupidity, not actual cannabis danger. Any substance used wildly inappropriately has potential to produce unwanted results.

  8. They have cannabis oil . A syringe is provided and you put the dose you want under your tongue. It takes about a half hour to kick in rather than 2 hours + for edibles. You can only blame yourself for an overdose then.

  9. Lol at the stoners who making excuses when evidence comes out that it's not as "harmless" as you DEMAND!😂

  10. First of all cannabis is not dangerous. There is no conceivable way you can ingest inhale or otherwise cannabis and its natural form to create any harm to the body. Secondly, just because we have a lack of personal responsibility in this country doesn't give our lawmakers the right to restrict our access to something.

  11. How much pot did they put in a cookie for one person to kill themselves because of it? I mean people kill themselves in all different ways. Just because one eats a cookie before doing it, does it mean it's the cookies fault?

  12. Very informative video. We are definitely in favor of edibles as a way to consume cannabis. When properly dosed, this method delivers a desired effect that will last much longer then when smoked. It is really important to start with small doses until you are familiar and comfortable with the effects. Especially if you are consuming homemade edibles, which can vary in potency.

  13. phytocannabinoids ( active cannabis molecules) are not active in the area you breath from… they do not suppress pulmonary function @ all like opioids do … phytocannabinoids are actually bronchodilators, they increase the ability to breath even if you eat them and do not smoke or vape them. where these specific to cannabis compounds are active, – the cells in your body that maintain homeostasis . cannabinoids are used in cells as signals. they message communication that maintains homeostasis . this is the purpose of your endocanabinoid system

  14. Last I looked you had to be 21 years of age to purchase and legally use cannabis in Colorado. There are a lot of substances that are harmful to children and it's the job of the parents to make sure their children don't have access to such products or substances. Saying that a cannabis brownie caused a man to shot his wife is akin to saying that someone did crystal meth and went to sleep.

  15. Has anyone here had issues with marijuana and hallucinations/psychosis? It's legal here in Canada and I've tried more than a few edibles. I've definitely had a bit too much before but literally just fell asleep and woke up fine. These thoughts of jumping off a balcony, or shooting your partner, anyone else think these edibles were laced with something else??

  16. I think the "1/10th of a cookie = recommended dose" point is the most compelling portion of this video, for me. Very encouraging to hear some championable arguments for more responsible edible production. I do, however, disagree with the idea that making recreational substance products that look like their non-substance-enhanced counterparts is strongly correlated with harm, since I think issues like these will subside similar to how Mike's Hard Lemonade isn't up against the same challenge.

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