Announcing Young Living CBD Oil

Young Living announced they will be providing us with essential oil-infused CBD Oil from Organic (non-THC) hemp starting in 2019! Here I explain alll.the.things …


  1. My wife uses it but only ha a handful of friends that uses it also. WHAT IS THE CBD STARTer KIT AND WHO IS MAKING IT FOR yl? t Dennis

  2. I wish you were my neighbor…your personality is the best…. look me up if you ever come to Dallas TX. Thanks for all the great info… and I love 💗 that brain of yours… you get straight to the point with no fluff… my time is so valuable as is yours so you doing all the research is awesome…. thanks 🙏🏽 again

  3. CBD works very well however, for optimal delivery you need micro traces of THC for CBD to fully work it's wonders. it needs a gateway to really be absorbed by the endocannabanoid system.

  4. Is Young Living getting the CBD from Marijuana or from Hemp… I was told it was from Marijuana and they are removing the THC

  5. I am still waiting and watching for this. I need a high quality product if I'm going to try it. I don't trust anyone else!!!!

  6. I'm afraid it's going to be very expensive. I hope YL will be allowed to transport this oil in Southeast Asia.

  7. Don’t buy weaker then 1 thousand mg. First I bought 750 mg and didn’t help me. Next I bought 1000 mg and I don’t have pain in the back anymore. I sleep better, I feel healthier, I don’t have anxieties. Friend of mine is taking 1000 mg for prostate cancer and he says he feels much better and all pain is gone out of his body.

  8. I'm with another tribe in YL, but love your post! Love your hemp bag from h.s.!!! I'm so excited for this CBD oil to be released!! <3

  9. It gets a little confusing. Actually the most effective CBD oil does not use Hemp oil as the carrier oil. . The CBD from the hemp plant needs to be extracted and concentrated to make an effective CBD product. A Medium Chain Triglyceride (MCT), like organic coconut oil, is much more effective as a carrier oil. It enables the concentrated CBD to absorb better into the body. Additional enhancements can be made to increase this absorption as well

  10. Marijuana is a pejorative / derogatory term that was coined by the racists in the 30’s to campaign against cannabis. Marijuana is cannabis. Hemp is cannabis. There is industrial hemp which is by definition having < 3% THC content. The relatively small THC level is considered non-psychoactive due to the high CBD levels. CBD is an antidote to THC when the THC is at low levels. My wife was cured from breast cancer and fibromyalgia by using cannabis oil that had high THC content. THC kills cancers cells. CND kills the inflammation that cancer causes. The side benefit was she also had total remission of Fibromyalgia as well.
    It is important to know what you are talking about when you are a leader. Sadly this video started out with misinformation that should be corrected.

  11. I literally cannot wait for this CBD oil. I'm using an organic CBD oil with zero THC. I'm a medical professional, and I love the benefits of pain relief from CBD oil. I have Lyme disease, and my joints hurt constantly. CBD gives relief to those painful joints. I'm also a Young Living distributor, and I'm very excited about YL bringing CBD into their company. I really wish I would have joined your team!

  12. Hi. Where did you find that YL will be releasing CBD oil? I have looked at their website but found no info. Is there somwhere that they announce new products?

    PS You are THE best yl youtuber!!

  13. Fantastic video. Wow did I learn more than my brain can contain 😁 I’m a Young Living Distributor for the same reasons as you. I discovered the oils I was purchasing warned not to ingest and when I poured accidentally on styrofoam it literally burned melted the styrofoam. Frightening! I use only YL! 💕

  14. I don’t like being a downer, but in Ohio you can only buy cannabis products from licensed facilities and must have a prescription. This currently includes hemp under state guidelines. So, while it’s legal here, us and a few other states have severe regulations in place. I haven’t heard anything from corporate on this either. How is it being addressed? None of us distributors are technically licensed facilities under state regulations.

  15. So happy for this news !!!
    It will be a great help for the patients i am working with !
    Do you know when Young Living CBD oil will be available in Europe ?

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