1. Do you think cbd% governs the strength I have smoked 17% stuff that I find stronger than 22% it's a shame it never tasted as good as it looked

  2. Nothing worse than a flower that looks that good letting you down with the taste.
    I'd say the effects are all that matter, but the taste is a big part of the experience.
    I was really shocked by the Purple Haze from Hemphash.
    Greenhouse grown, looks really leafy, super woody/Hempy/earthy smell with a back note of dark berries. Its a little rough on the smoke, but the flavour explodes! So sweet and fruity! Most of the woody/Hempy/earthy taste completely disappears!
    Great review dude!

  3. damn a 5 I think that's the lowest score yet on taste right? I think your going to like the lemon skunk mate. Good review again!

  4. Great Vid, i have a Dynavap M ( 2018 model ) on its way to me and can't wait to try it…. i saw the device here first 🙂 I found Hemp Elfs Strawberry Kush bone dry but i prefer that personally, i usually leave any packaged weed to air for afew hours first but did not need to with Hemp Elfs, just fkn expensive 😆😆👀👀

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