America’s First Pot Cafe – Deep Roots at Green Man Cannabis

FULL EPISODE: Canna Cribs: Deep Roots Episode 1 at Green Man Cannabis, filmed in Denver, Colorado. Hosted by Cameron Bravmann, Professor at …


  1. Never thought I would see an interviewer try to pitch a product during an interview. Jeezus christ.

  2. Where are the Women of Cannabis? There has to be more than one woman repping in Colorado! 🙂

  3. Not to mention all the genetics that Green Dot Labs has gotten from other people that in my opinion they’ve perfected. Like Mai Tai (Sunset Sherbert x Purple Punch) bred by Clearwater genetics in Colorado but I think perfected by Green Dot. Or the strain Fatso (GMO x Legends OG) bred by Cannarado but I believe perfected by Green Dot. Anyway, you guys get the picture, I and many others truly recommend them as a source for real deal whole plant medicine.

  4. Just some recommendations for Green Dot Labs bred strains, they have a new one called Fortissimo (Crescendo x Han Solo Burger) that’s so great. VERY old school OG body devastation high, with greasy garlic trash terps that coat the tongue for 5 hours. Also Peaches n’ Cream (Peach Ozz x Granola Funk) which not only was bred by Dave (the founder of Green Dot Labs) to taste and smell like Quaker Peaches n Cream oatmeal packets, but the effect is sooo pleasant, nice body stone with colors you perceive being very vivid much like a good sativa.

  5. By the way at 12:13 when you guys were talking to that dude you can see the Botanicare mural in the background. And Green Dot Labs uses Botanicare interestingly enough

  6. Verde Natural is one to put on the list for sure though. They’re very approachable people at Verde, I don’t have a contact like you inquired about, but they’re one of my three go-to dispensaries between Denver and Boulder combined. I’m sure they’d be very happy to talk with you guys. There’s so much high quality stuff throughout Colorado it’s just undeniable. As the saying goes, “FIRE CANNOT BE DENIED”

  7. Yeah, seeing how this came out you guys for real HAVE to go to Green Dot Labs in Boulder, thanks for sayin that you’ll check them out! They’ve never done anything like this so I think the prospect is amazing. The extraction and breeding work they do is SERIOUSLY on another level. Amazing how far ahead of everyone in terms of quality and consistency they are. You’d be very impressed.

  8. Uhmm, sorry… Wheres Nate? this is temporary right? nothing wrong with the new presenter but smokers like what theyre used to..


    LOUD WEED LOUD MUSIC AND LOUD HOES. or whatever that other one was. O YEAH GOOD FOOD, TOO

  10. This is definitely not the first "pot cafe" in America. Studio A64 in Colorado Springs has been around for a couple of years now.

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