Amazing Ingenious TOOLS you can Buy Now 2019 PART: 1

8 Amazing Ingenious TOOLS you can buy now in 2019 00:11 ➤➤ PacTool – Gecko Gauge ☛ ✓ Packtool is a kind of gauge tool designed …


  1. Love Chinglish adverts? Well these are the 5 of the top durable mechanisms that is improving your life!

  2. in what country is a pump jack a new tool? I was using them in the 1980s and in the 1990s we had aluma-poles

  3. YIKES! I keep "seeing" the toe nail device…by the time I looked away it was too late. It was already seared into my mind.

  4. I'm really confused I hope I can get to sleep instead of thinking about all this stuff. Goodnight.

  5. Unnecessary gadgets for tackle tarts, all carefully designed to take the money from your pocket! Seriously how on earth did the tradesmen of "yester decades" ever get a job done without a cartload of gadgets? B T W I noticed the guy using the roof snake is using a drywall hammer, not exactly the right hammer if it is checker faced, and the Festools here in the U.K. are eye wateringly ridiculously extortionately expensive!

  6. Siding staging brackets have been around for 40 years…this channel must be sponsored by China

  7. How strange… It's English words and spoken in good English pronunciation and clean accent… but is strung together in a way that makes little to no sense. Was this a computer generated translation? (just curious)

  8. why do native English-speaking voice over artists not correct blindingly obvious grammar and translation errors …??

  9. What I don't understand is that the narrator speaks perfect English….BADLY for example ……pair of gauge!….you mean 'pair of gauges….Bended nails!! you mean 'no more BENT nails'……a perfectly finished work!!….you mean 'finished job'….by the way…it's a TINY walker not tinny

  10. Foot lift a Russian innovation..?? These are called 'pump jacks' and have been around in the USA for at least 70 years, you jerk..!! LOL! I owned 18 of them when I was in bus. back in the '80s… Go to Home Depot if you need them.. LOL!

  11. I'm pleased to learn that I have two of these tools already.
    And the JÖST abrasives, I will go shopping for it asap.
    Thanks for sharing these highly interesting tools.
    Like & Sub

  12. This pitchman should be ashamed of himself for taking their money without bothering to correct the english disaster. I don't see how he could even read it without stopping every other sentence to make sure he read it as written. LOL

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