All About CBD Oil: What You Really Want To Know

CBD Oil is now seen everywhere, but do you really know what CBD oil is, where it comes from and so many other questions. Learn more with Dr. Joe Alton’s …


  1. Sir, I appreciate research and studies… BBBUUUUTTT!!! (Always a big but) The government has proven time and again "MJ" research is voodoo and punishment will be doled out. I stopped caring what the so called government had to say about the subject when I watched a video of a mother who said she had already been arrested and didn't care anymore about consequences as she showed her special needs child slipping into a seizure and she described the substance that you have described in this video and proceeded to rub a small amount of it on her child's gums. The child, within seconds, came out of the seizure and appeared to "normalize." Needless to say, I felt extremely blessed that day that my children… well, let's just say I felt extremely blessed.

  2. Great information and very helpful. Thank you for sharing you answered some questions for me.

  3. A 1000 mg bottle of cbd costs $80. A 600 mg dose for anxiety would mean you only get one dose per bottle. Too expensive.

  4. Nice video and topic. But I didn't like the jumpcuts made because they made some sentences for me(a non native english speaker) hard to understand. Please try to improve the editing and continue with the good work!

  5. Good video, thanks for the info! One issue that no one seems to be addressing is that anything from the Cannabis family is still illegal under Federal law. As an employee of the Federal Government, the current proliferation of Cannabis-based products is troubling. It can be difficult to discern through the ingredients list if a product has a Cannabis-based origin and which are "clean". For example, I was given an organic energy bar which turned out to contain Hemp. Had I not known that Hemp and Marijuana are from the same plant family I might have endangered my career/pending retirement.

  6. Love you're video's have all you're books and working on getting your med kit's. Appreciate all you do.

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