1. Tony m , in oklahoma you can have six flowering plants and six seedlings.seedlings means any plant not flowering. T riz only has 3 or 4 flowering and he has 6 seedlings in veg….hes doing it right

  2. T rizzle. I live in Oklahoma City and am trying to get my own grow going. But I was under the impression that we were only allowed 6 plants ( as far as us that aren't doing commercial growing and only have our medical card). DId something change that I don't know about? Not trying to cause you grief just dont' want anyone to get into trouble.

    4. Can I grow my own marijuana in Oklahoma if I have a medical marijuana card?

    Yes, you can procure a plant from certain dispensaries and they can assist you in growing your own medical cannabis.

    5. How much medical marijuana can I purchase?

    You may purchase up to a 30-day amount from any of the licensed dispensary. The breakdown of purchasing and legal possession are outlined as follows:

    – Possession of up to 3 ounces of medical cannabis in public

    – Storage of up to 8 ounces of medical cannabis at home

    – Growing of up to six mature plants in your private residence

    – Possession of up to 1 ounce of Medical Marijuana

    – Concentrates (THC Oils, extracts, waxes, budders, etc.)

    – Possession of up to 72 ounces of infused edibles

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