Acreage Cannabis Ad Rejected For Super Bowl By CBS

Got my hands on the “controversial” cannabis PSA. The footage is property of Acreage Holdings, and is displayed here for journalistic purposes only. Follow …


  1. I wish jesus would return and basically shun everyone who thinks cannabis is worse than alchohol

  2. Realizing…that this commercial will still be watched regardless. What is the point of hiding this lol

  3. I love the USA but thank's God i live in Germany. Cannabis has given me my life back!!
    Oxycodone and hydromorphone have been the worst thing that has ever happened to me for almost 20 years, besides the massive pain in the whole muscle system after a polytrauma. I overslept de facto almost 20 years and was not even allowed to work in the end and was forced to retire in 2014 with 35.
    In March 2017 cannabis was released in all forms as prescription medicine in Germany, which has to be paid by the health insurance companies.
    It has given me my life back, I no longer take any opiates and vaporize various cannabis flowers (which currently still come from Canada or the Netherlands) through a medical vaporizer.
    For over a year I have been working in my old profession as an emergency paramedic again and am out of retirement again, without the cruel side effects of the opiates.

  4. I wonder how many American and Canadian boycotters it would take to prompt CBS to reconsider their cannabis stance?

  5. This was a brilliant PR stunt. Acrege got 10 times the publicity without any of the price tag. Well played! Nice pieces written about this on The site has over 100 weed links.

  6. Also why did CBS approve scientology? Booze ad approved. Soda ad approved. Cannabis is good for health problems.

  7. Federal law prohibits the advertisement of a "controlled substance" so it would actually have been illegal for them to show this. Of course even if it was legal to air the advertisement, CBS is quite anti-marijuana and has donated quite a bit to groups trying to keep it illegal to use, so I'd imagine they would still refuse to air this.

  8. Damn that one made me tear up. Land of the free, where you need special permits in special areas to produce a life saving plant…unreal…

  9. After spending 100k on doctors, therapy, prescription drugs, etc, with NO results, Medicinal grade CBD oil was the only thing that cured my mitochondrial seizures and gave me my life back, Thanks for nothing "big pharma, intrusive government and NFL.(Needs Fuking Lobotomy).

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