A doctor's case for medical marijuana | David Casarett

Physician David Casarett was tired of hearing hype and half-truths around medical marijuana, so he put on his skeptic’s hat and investigated on his own.


  1. Safest real medicine In the world, hard to respect all these pill pushers who do not highly recommend pot, makes me feel smarter not dumber and more social , most should be able to grow and use.

  2. Thank you so much for this talk. Having the opportunity to access affordable and process monitrored medical cannabis is great and necessary. However, having an HCP or NP tell you that you can only have 2 gms/day based on their structure for writing an order when your needs are 5 gms/day or more (d/t how one utilizes aspects of the plant taking into account its chemo and terpine profiles) can be a form of abuse and neglect. Not being able to place an order because of ratio restrictions and THC/CBD percentages (even though the patient has been taking a much higher dosage to control chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc.)because of whatever political agenda or fears the HCP/NP has, is failure to meet the patient's needs and negligent. Then of course there is the "GREED" variable that causes HCP/NCP to restrict the written order/authorization for medical cannabis. They want to charge cash in the hundreds and thousands of dollars to write a larger order despite the client's needs. HCP/NP directs patients to order only from their partnered LP-HCP/NP relationship, gains them much in kickbacks–corruption happens at all levels. Sadly, the patient's need is seldom first.

  3. Funny thing is before the 30's it was totally legal and widely used. We can blame DuPont and his pals that lobbied against it and formed the Marijauana tax act in 1937, they did not want industrial hemp to take over the Rubber patent they had just worked so hard for…

  4. Not only to subside the nausea and anorexia of chemo, Marijuana kills cancer cells. For that ,a long course of weed is needed. may be 3 years. It has reversed the Liver Cirrhosis of some. we can work on it more in details, only if it is legal.

  5. Uncle Carl, Tito and Nilda, you're loved and missed. Thank-you for your kindness towards humanity.

  6. Doctor's shouldn't try to take opiods and other meds away because we turn to canibus for chronic pain hard life if a doctor had to live this way they would do it too takin away our pain meds every time more and more but not letting us use something that never killed anyone or hurt anyone government stop these doctors i can drink alcohol by the gallon and get meds but i have canibus im thrown out sick with side effects infair hekp us please

  7. there's no such a thing as medical marijuana.i am 67 years old been using marijuana for 30 years and give up 20 years ago.All my friends that continued to smoke died from it.People that promote medical marijuana are just crooks.they always use terminally ill and dying people to promote their dirty business.For terminally ill and dying people heroin is better than marijuana .

  8. there's no such a thing as medical marijuana.i am 67 years old been using marijuana for 30 years and give up 20 years ago.All my friends that continued to smoke died from it.People that promote medical marijuana are just crooks.they always use terminally ill and dying people to promote their dirty business.For terminally ill and dying people heroin is better than marijuana .

  9. The last time I smoke marijuana was during the 1970s. The good effects of it make food and water taste extremely great and it makes music sound great. The strong marijuana will cause hallucinations or make you nervous. However alcohol beverages is more dangerous than marijuana.

  10. I take 12mg od diluadid a day. I can take 2 small lung fulls once a day and I dont need the pills.. Go figure…brain tumor 2 hip replacements many other issues 42yo.

  11. There is no secret. It just works. My chronic pain physician pushed me to try it. I finally gave in. That same day I changed my mind as the high oil content works in CBD with some THC. The right balance is something you tweak. All these unnecessary and inaccurate hang ups I had were proven wrong in just one days use. A closed mind is a wonderful thing to loose…

  12. i told my psychiatrist everything i know about cannabis, and she said i changed her why of thinking about it. She tried to get it for me but the government said no

  13. Thank you so much for standing up for a person who is living 2000 miles away from my home just to be legal but soooooo missing family now 8 years as a medical refuge for medical cannabis. Again I thank you from the bottom of my. ❤️. !

  14. I wanted to share these water soluble CBD video's with you.  The host is a PhD and does a fantastic job of illustrating the benefits of CBD.  I was amazed to learn that we have more CBD receptors in our cells than any other type of receptor!  So when the CBD enters the receptor, it turns on the cell function at the chromosome level.
    Also, this water-compatable, whole flower CBD is 95% bioavailable.  It's called Suthe.  (The oil based CBD is only about 8% bioavailable.) So you're getting 12x more benefits for a similar price. And because Suthe is a whole flower hemp extract, you get all the extra important auxiliary elements that work synergistically with the CBD.
     Let me know what you think.
    J. Bencze jjbencze@gmail.com


    This is hokey, but has good info:


  15. January 2008 – February 2019, 2-4 Xanax per day for generalized anxiety disorder.
    February 2019 – present, 0 Xanax per day.

    guess medical cannabis has SOME merits, huh 😉

  16. I was on a dozen prescription plus before full spectrum cannabis oil. Evolution extracts capsules changed my life, cannabis is the truth

  17. Your an idiot. Trying too tell something about a plant you know nothing about. Go get ur hands dirty . Give a try yourself then you will be able to speak about it yourself. This is why people are so confused and uneducated about it from listening to this kinda garbage

  18. The problem with most doctors is that the majority trained in medicine to impress their parents and peers…not because they wanted to actually help people.
    Having had 3 children 1 with a disorder requiring a huge amount of medical care..I’ve been subjected to hundreds of so called doctors but haven’t yet found one that can actually help my child.
    The only people that have helped her are the ‘little’ people..who do their jobs because they passionately care about helping others.
    If we’re ever going to advance in medicine then our governments need to start listening to pioneering doctors like this one, and stop bashing down those that speak out with their own ideas and opinions.
    It seems our whole system is geared up to create compliant robots.

  19. Yes there are Doctors who ask these questions they are Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists.
    Thank you for a very heart felt delivery and awakening for us all.
    Many Blessings

  20. it is a tough one for Big Parma and their lap dogs in Congress. Even if cbd or med cannabis takes 5 or 10% of their biz this will be a disaster for them. They won't back down that easy… so the population.

  21. I can answer his question .. The people opening up medical dispensaries use there own money and do it at risk to themselves getting in trouble with the law as in many countries they operate in a grey area . These people would not take these risks if they did not care about other people or there suffering . That is why you get that personal touch and the sense of love and care in the dispensaries because they actually care and are not there just to profit .

  22. What are the risks? If they can research the risks why not the benefits? I have never heard of the risks.

  23. Research in this topic is making giant steps from day to day. That's why people should constantly inform themselves about newfound benefits.

  24. If you want proof, information, etc. look to the remaining information of cannabis use in medicine from China and India. Proofs galore. Cannabis and hemp were used in this country as medicine for almost 200 years before the purge in the early 1930s I think. Before then it was prescribed routinely for all kinds of things. But the purge cleaned out 99.9 percent of all information of its medical uses from this society. Thanks ( in my opinion) to big pharma and people in the government, who saw an opportunity to make lots of money by getting rid of a natural product that can’t or at the time couldn’t be patented for drugs that could.
    Probably millions of people have suffered or died because of this.
    I don’t like weed, I think it stinks and I don’t like how it makes me feel. But it obviously has many medical uses. And life saving or life comforting, or life enabling, extending benefits.
    For me, any doctor who is unwilling to talk or consider cannabis or politician who is unwilling to talk or consider legalizing it is not worth going to or voting for, when there is SOOOOOO much proof that cannabis and hemp are wonder plants.
    In the beginning, all, ALL medicine was derived from plants. What makes cannabis and hemp so different?
    The answer is big government and big pharma. With nature, there is no money in it for them.
    Or so they think. In reality, if they embraced it they could make billions and save millions of lives, and improve the state of millions more.

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