1. Thank God can we move forward truth is power legalize it 4 better people r happy it reflects better community less die from other things every1 wins

  2. Let's federally legalize marijuana! But here's the thing…states are not allowed to complain when they lose revenue because of it.

  3. I'd say more than 66%.. only law enforcement and pharmaceutical companies want it illegal.

  4. "Migrant caravan" heeey now that's a term I haven't heard since the midterms. Whatever happened to that Fox news? Your viewer base is so sheepish.

  5. A plant that is chemically enhanced that causes cancer vs a plant that makes u happy and sleepy and kills cancer cells and other stuff

    one is legal in all states and one isn’t

  6. If they can trust we the people to vote people in office then why can't we the people vote to legalize marijuana

  7. Just what we need more dangerous drugs no thankyou im sorry but i cant agree with this nasty drug nothing but makes people crazy

  8. If it helped Germans with nazism it can help Americans with narcs that kill,decapitate people

  9. Remember in 2007 when obama said he was going to legalize marijuana and thats how he got so popular before anyone knew he was black they knew he was supposed to be for weed and yea hes turned out to be a fucking lier and a disaster

  10. Plz legalize Marijuana I don't drink alcohol and I only smoke but can't cause it's illegal damn

  11. "Legalize" it because the government wants to take the money from the dealers, make it more expensive and make it lower quality.

  12. Ot should be. Moat of the drugs should be. It will better for everyone. Control and quality. We all know that no fuck one can stop kids to try stuff. That way it will be controlled. This is how I think. :))

  13. Don't legalize it, in Canada it's a mess and the gouv is trying to take monopoly and prices are higher and there is no stock in Canada gouv weed stores. And, they added more laws on weed.

  14. This is the downfall of the country. Everybody already is puffing on the oil pens, baked off there ass all day. I see it everywhere. Marijuana is a gateway drug it’s impossible to say it isn’t.

  15. Not our border mess. Think about all the money out of taxpayers pockets go to the "War on Drugs"…legalize it all and let the idiots die.

  16. I support so add my vote to this. It is time to do this. Come on President Trump now is the time.

  17. dont legalize it! make it available in pharmacies! im sick and tired of giving money to legal cartels!

  18. I started using it again after 14 years for anxiety/ depression and lupus. It has helped more than any opiate or prescription medicine. I fully support it and so does everyone I know. Nobody has ever died from cannibis. EVER

  19. In Colorado where recreational weed is legal, Dish network fired a disabled employee for using marijuana on his personal time and even had a prescription for it! So what goo does it do anyone if jobs can still terminate you for using pot?

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