6-Year-Old With Epilepsy Died Because She Couldn't Get Cannabis Oil | NowThis

6-year-old Charly Curtis died because her parents couldn’t legally get the medical cannabis she needed — and then they were treated like criminals for trying to …


  1. Cameron Boyce died of the same thing…so sad and heartbreaking sorry for the little girl and her family

  2. The yellow type in this video and seeing the hash tags for weed makes me happy this girl is dead.

  3. So saddening! You guys striving for access to medical cannabis so others in similar circumstance won't go through what you wen through shows how strong you guys are.

  4. I really wish we could get substantial research about cannabis oil so if it works we can use it for medical purposes. But as of right now we know almost nothing about what it can do.

  5. A truly heart breaking story. This young child could have been saved, to be a parent and look your child's lifeless body, I can't imagine it. This mother is a strong individual to talk about it with us. I don't know if I could. This right here is a prime example of why things must change.

  6. One harmless plant could have saved this life, and many others. I’m tired of hearing about the death of an innocent that could have been saved.

  7. Don't mike pence and cretins like him in government , care about baby till its in mother's womb. Once they pop, they say "you are own your own"

  8. Lol this is stupid, if you’re kid is going to die, you’re not willing to buy it illegally or go to a different state? We need legalization but stories like this make me shake my head because these people are stupid and kids are dying.

  9. That momma is soooooooo strong, RIP baby girl, I'm sorry to hear that you and your family had to go through that.

  10. So sorry for your loss. Full Legalization of cannabis is life or death. We can no longer accept "no", "maybe", "we will look at it" from your politicians. Vote anyone out who is not 100% on board with immediate legalization.

  11. they deserve to be treated like ciminals, they poisioned their child with marijauna, its illegal and they should be in jail

  12. Get out of the country! This is a Oligarchy, for the richest. You want better healthcare and easy access to college and cheat the law with little consequences justice is for sale….get rich and bribe the sistem, and if you claim this is a citizen right thing they blame and scare you calling you a communist or socialist along with all the poor shepples chanting Venezuela!!😲

  13. If you were still pregnant, pro lifers would of helped , but after shes born , it's all up to you .

  14. I think that the main issue over cannabis legalization is commercial and private regulation standards

  15. This is a misleading video. They don't really know that she died because she didn't get cannabis oil. It could just as easily be the case that she would have died anyway.

  16. Many prayers and love to this family! They're doing a great thing and helping many children in their state so that their daughter's death isn't in vain! I admire them greatly for what they are doing and for them sharing their daughter's story!! All the love in the world to them!

  17. My neighbor down stairs son suffers from dreve syndrome a severe form of epilepsy. He use to have over 300 seizures a day after going on the medical canabis he’s down to 4 or 5 a month…. It has been proven it works!! Legalize marijuana please!!

  18. i bet the oil is good..but once she stoped taking it..it gave her a monster seizure…u cant run from anything..medacine is only a bandaid…once you stop taking the meds…the come back in big waves…and the government..likes it when ill people..die…theirs to much people in this world

  19. I'm an adult, in the UK, with over two decades of limited mobility and chronic pain, from nerve damage and muscular dystrophy, behind me. My heart truly goes out to this family and everyone in this despicable position. I am on two kinds of opioid, Amitriptyline and daily sub-cutaneous injections of Ketamine on prescription but heaven forfend that I get a naturally occurring plant that makes a tremendous difference to my pain and ability to relax, function & move by any other means than illegally…it's sickening and disheartening and has to change. RIP Charly. Bravo to your brave, gutsy parents

  20. Notice @2:05 "The Curtises realized they were GOING TO RUN OUT of cannabis oil." Not "ran out of cannabis oil". They had not run out yet. This poor child's death is being abused as propaganda for a poorly tested drug.

  21. I don't know what to say with this. I'm just hoping it's just an April Fools joke but it did happen and I'm just lost for words at how incompetent the US government is

  22. thc itself is harmless people can use large amounts in the sense of stoners and be completely fine as you cant overdose on pot the only point it being is smoking it which isnt even much of one

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