1. Looks like nutritional high (EAT) had its run, it hit $1 mark but closed a little below, it’s at about 0.87 now, but it was 0.29 for a while

  2. Take a look at OWCP and CNBX. For OWCP, do you agree that 1.20 and 1.10 are good places to buy? As for CNBX, how low do you think it should go before you would buy? I am thinking 2.00/2.20.

  3. My favorites are CBIS, DEWM, EAPH, GRNH, KAYS, NGMC, PURA, SGBY, TRTC, VPOR and WDRP. Last July I had all of $4,600 in this portfolio among others that lost. I had a high last month of almost $37,000. Now down to about $21,000. I hold my MJ Penny Stocks long and do not care how much I make or lose from month to month. I need a life changing amount and only add about $400 in new purchases each month to my portfolio.

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