1. My top 5 Canadian holdings are divided into three big firms and two smaller ones.  The three large firms I own are ACBFF, TWMJF and APHQF.  The two smaller firms are HYYFF and OGRMF. 

    Roughly 42% in the big names and 58% in the small names. 

    I think MEDFF is a fine firm and will do well, I just do not own it.

  2. Bahaha got in early on these in april last year made a killing.. was really speculative then now its like a sure thing :/ Im expecting a sell off on news of leg then it will be a buying opportunity. Dude, the market LOVES growth. Look at amazon. Look at tesla. Fundamentals dont matter, as long as these companies grow so will the sp. Regardless of dilution, i gaurentee 3 or 4 years from now the prices of these stocks WILL be higher.

  3. I really like the topic and all the information. You answered a few of my questions about the recent news .
    In your own opinion.. Do you think OGRMF and SPRWF are going to continue to do well or get hit hard?

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