[57]: When weed-killers cause cancer and New York defies the FCC

On this episode of America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio and Author Carey Gillam discuss her new book which reveals how Monsanto viciously worked to cover-up the fact that their weed-killer could…


  1. Watchtower society protects peodhiles and preaches worldwide with U.S state Dept smokescreen veil of "Freedom of religion" argument ,please keep your filthy money making cults,on U.S soil!…

  2. He halfway explains the corruption that leads to Monsanto's squelching of facts they also buy off these "scientists" so they don't report to people that they are poisoning the planet and it isn't just roundup or Monsanto that is bribing institutions of science to not report their poisoning.

  3. Since the courts are corrupted, they have been bought by Bayer and other multinationals, the only recourse is people's tribunals

  4. Glyphosate poisoning has been shown by Brazilian doctors to be the cause of the microencephaly that was blamed on the Zika virus, a great cover story that made them even more money on the vaccines. It is virtually impossible to buy 'fresh' food, even 'organic', that is not drenched with this stuff. Wheat fields are drenched in it for 4 days before harvesting to make harvesting easier , the real probable cause of 'gluten allergy'. It is not just carcinogenic but a deadly neurotoxin. This is a far greater outrage than Agent Orange and DDT, from the same sources.

  5. I bet the University will find that it's insurance rates will be rising.
    It will be interesting to see how much the University will have to pay out.
    With all those cases and all those injuries over all those years it could come to more than a hundred dollars.
    Probably hundreds of millions of dollars.

  6. That's a pretty cold-blooded business model.
    A good reason to forbid them from donating to lawmakers.
    With friends like Monsanto being revealed it becomes obvious we don't need any enemies.

  7. My very young beautiful daughter has non Hodgkin's lymphoma and I am 100% sure it was caused by round up. Put me in a Room with all these board members I just need 2 minutes. It will be fast and painless 🤞 for them, unlike what they've done to my daughter. They will pay for this with their souls

  8. Interesting that Monsanto (now Bayer since they bought them) uses the same tactics as our corrupt government. We need a new law enforcement agency called the Bullshit Police. If you bullshit the American people, you forfeit all assets and go directly to jail. Time to stop allowing lies to be told.

  9. V is for voltage
    Here comes the shock
    V is for voltage
    This is what you want, power up
    1: Brainwash the kiddies
    Force them to take a daily oath

    2: Make the Banks like farms
    Who own the humans just like livestock

    3: Control the media, spread fear
    So they’ll pay to feel safe
    Use buzzwords like freedom and wealth
    ‘coz it sux to know you’re a Monsanto slave

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