5 Common CBD Vaping Mistakes

Common CBD vaping mistakes to watch out for are covered in this video.Vape and Juice Tv look at the top 5 mistakes for CBD newbies. Are you considering …


  1. What kind of coil resistance is appropriate for CBD E-Liquids? (Is this in a different video that I missed?)

  2. Number 6: don't vape cbd vape on a HIGH level, vape it at a low level, that way you don't run thru a lot of the oil extremely fast and 2, you don't get any harmful chemicals in your lungs and cause breathing problems as a result

  3. What's a good tank to use I've got a smok baby alien but with cbd in it, it losses flavour within 100 hits

  4. Vape and Juice TV  Can I use my SMOK Species 230W Vape Starter Kit w/TFV8 Baby V2 Tank or do I need to get something, and if so can you recommend anything I got. Nu-X vape liquid.

  5. Don’t vape cbd? Wtf!!!! Everyone is selling cbd cartridges….and not necessarily cheap, so what’s up with that?

  6. My cbd tincture is made of mct oil,cannabinoid sativa extract,and honey harvest. Is it SAFE to vape? I know its not recommended but I just wanna know if I would get pneumonia or something.

  7. Need a link to some good ass cbd cause I can't smoke bud no more, but also won't fail me on a drug test, any takers?

  8. Wats up doc lol I enjoyed ur video u tough me how don't by cbd eliquid if it got nicotine and by a smallest bottle of cbd with the highest percentage cbd I new about other stuff but thank u for the info helped me out I enjoyed Haven u teach me something b4i went of buying wrong Stu i mean I like big bottles id of got a big bottle that said 250mg cbd thinking i got higher dose anyways good look on video b. I plan on making cbd thc vape juice but I'm doing alcohole evaclear extraction then adding in my 23gs of flower 22%thc it has in it fresh cut off the plant and after extract alcohole out I add on my cbd e liquid my vg and my terpenes can i get ur opinion I want strong potent THC vape oil how much would u diolute 23grams of 21-22%thc weed to keep ot in the 65%-75%thc strength if ur adding some cbd to cpletly relax u and at end after u diolute im adding terpenes to ot to make it strong I was thinking a ratio of like 60vg 40cbd e liquid so it's not as runny and like 3dropes of pure terpenes I got London pound cake and banna puch terpenes of rawbotanicles do u think that to little dilution or to much if ur using 22-23grams of high potency weed it reaches over 20%from dispensary bc I kinda came up with recipd watching all those extractions I figured turpens and cbd would up the potency i just need a ratio of vg pg to add to it to not make it any less strong then 65-75%

  9. I'm currently finding the whole 'starting to vape' experience so confusing?! I have some CBD vaping liquid but been told to mix it with a on nicotine liquid. That sound ok? Also, can you link a recommend device??

  10. Fack i put my cbd into nicotine e juice. Did i just waste my money? I knew i heard this somewhere but wasnt sure. Does degrading the cbd mean i ruined it instantaneously or does it take time? Please explain someone! What exactly does degrade mean for this situation? I mean i find it works still but I'll admit not the best

  11. Everybody should watch this at the beginning of the cbd journey but one question why a pen or aio then the bigger vaporizer?

  12. I'm new to vaping CBD for anxiety, and bought the Aspire Pockex, along with a CBD E-liquid that has 80% VG 20% PG. 625mg bottle. 0 THC. Anything you see in this information that could be improved? Add THC? Different VG/PG ratio?

  13. short sweet and well edited. thank you for not wasting our time with stupid shit and getting to the point. subbed.

  14. I got a Wismec Rxgen 3 with Gnome Tank, do you think if I vape cbd e-liquid on low wattage it will be effective? Also, I don’t usually vape I want to vape CBD only, should I buy another vape?

  15. Great video, was looking for something to help after doing a bit of research. You hit all the main points I was after. Top Lad!

  16. Could you vape oil if it has just fraction coconut oil? I ask dude at vape shop an he said he knows people that does an has no problems with it

  17. I just bought a 100ml bottle cbd eliquid at 1000mg which would equate to 10%. Is that weak or strong? I'm a newbie to cbd so would 10% be too strong?

  18. Heya! I spoke to the owner of a Vape shop today and he told me that what I can do is mix my CBD oil with a E-liquid basis and then vape it normally, do you agree?

  19. What's a recommended type of cartridge for cbd e-liquid? I've been doing some research and am confused from all the different types of cartridges and where to buy them. Bought some that leaked from the bottom and want to make my next purchase a right one

  20. The oil I vape though is only made to vape. Then when it's gone you buy another cartridge. It has helped me so much in my ptsd, depression, fms, and ra battle. Good thing is it lasts a loooong time. I keep my vape so it burns on low and I get plenty. Plus it's blueberry flavored which makes it good👍😁

  21. I’m very new to CBD and vaping in general. I can’t quite catch what you’re saying in the very last tip you provided. Your accent (although beautiful) is kinda making it hard for me to understand one particular word. I heard the part about not purchasing a big fancy kit. But what are you suggesting purchasing instead? Are you saying “pot kit”? Sorry, it might not be the accent, it may be because I’m just unfamiliar with all these new terms so I’m second guessing what you’re saying. I wish I would’ve watched this video before I went to the smoke shop today. I purchased a big bottle with very few mg in it! 😩

  22. Wow! My husband and I were making a list of questions to ask the vape shop, when we came into this vid.
    Holy crap, you literally checked off every question we had left about vaping CBS! Wow!
    Well done!!!
    Will watch more of your channel!
    From across the pond,
    A new fan!

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