4 yrs Cancer Free!

Four years ago today the vet told me Shorty had eight weeks to live. She still here alive and well cancer free thanks to cannabis oil. Call Jesse at OC consultants …


  1. My Zoë (Boston terrier) was just diagnosed with lymphoma also and my mom and I have watched your video. We are going to try this out. We just lost my dad to cancer 2 years ago today and I’m a wreck about this but I am hopeful after watching your story. Please continue to post more information! So happy to hear that Shorty is better. ❤️☮️

  2. After finding out about shorty, my girl,Faye -a redbone hound & german Sheppard Breed) was also diagnosed with lymphoma and given 8 weeks to live. She was 3 yrs old .

    I was told by vet oncologist that if I didn’t use chemo she’d be gone in 8 weeks. well…

    we used CBD from California and the THC paste regimen.

    At 4 years old ,she did pass away -But from an aneurysm….Not LYMPHOMA

    This “product”combo Dissolved-ALL of her tumors,in her back legs and neck!!!
    truely amazing!!

    Her vet could not believe what was he witnessed, after he treated her, and he understood the treatment that I was giving her, with oils & paste. He provided Faye ,assessment and supportive therapy, during her bouts of diarrhea ,etc and he hydrated her every 1-2 weeks for me IV.

    Bittersweet …an aneurysm took her life the day we got the lymphoma free diagnosis.

    I was so thankful to get the half year or more with her, She was a beautiful angel 👼

    Thank you for making me aware of these amazing oils & paste combo !

    “gods pharmacy can’t be bad!”

  3. I'm treating my girl Ripper with high grade cannabis oil right now , she had the exact prognosis as your girl . She is doing really good now but I have been giving her the so called gold standard chemo treatment also and She has been on the pregnazone since her diagnosis . Her lymph node on one side was so swollen it was huge , really bad she was dying quickly .Yet now after about 5 weeks of treatment it is almost un detectable .
    I wonder if doing both is ok or better or worse when combined with the oil ? I just want to give her every chance and so far she is doing really good and responding well to the treatment . She was very sick and is now acting almost like her normal self .
    I am grateful for the time we are getting now and know she is happy and not suffering which is what it's all about.
    Thanks for the video !

  4. I started my cat Cassie with stomach Lymphoma 4/2018 bc I saw your videos. I used the 3 pack protocol (KH ) and she is alive and well and happy today! My question, how have you used cannabis oils and feco in a maintenance program over the last 4 years to keep Shorty healthy?

  5. Praise God! I'm so glad she is here!
    Does she get the cannabis oil everyday? And do you keep dosing her up or does she take the same dose everyday?
    I just lost my girl this past November, her lymphoma came back. She was in remission for nearly 3 years. She had chemo and probably too much of it. It came back with a vengeance. I lowered her dose of cannabis oil, not knowing I probably shouldn't have done that.
    I was just looking for some further education and what your regimen is. Thank you and God bless!

  6. Wow, it’s good to see you, Shortcake and the rest of the pack! I was telling a neighbor about Shorty’s success just last week and hoping she was still doing well. Hugs to you all. 👍🏻

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