360: Digging into whether legalizing marijuana is a good plan for Wisconsin

360: Digging into whether legalizing marijuana is a good plan for Wisconsin.


  1. Living in Wisconsin myself I know that Wisconsinites are the last in the nation in forethought, in progressing past neanderthalism, in legislation that progresses into the 14th century. Wisconsin will be stuck in the dark ages well into the post hydrogen bomb apocalyptic era. I myself am gathering sticks and stones for that fight but I have to be careful because gathering sticks and stones for post apocalyptic purposes is illegal. Stop typing.

  2. Our government has been on the shady side of things for far too long. That's what started criminalization of marijuana in the first place. Harry Anslinger, the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, needed something to demonize because government budgets were getting cut around the time of the great depression. Won't go into detail, but needless to say it was unwarranted. And of course, the government knew his claims were false. They had research on marijuana since the '40s…and knew it wasn't a gateway drug. In '73 when it was suggested that it be decriminalized, Nixon being who he was, wouldn't have it. Even after John Ehrlichman told him why they wanted to keep it criminalised and that everything they said about it was a total lie. Fast forward to present day and people still demonize it because they are ignorant. But at least people are starting to see that it's NOT what people thought it once was. It does have medicinal use for those that need it and it is a great revenue for states. Whereas throwing people in jail for minor possession just adds to a states deficit. Add recreational use into that and you are looking at generating more income substantially.

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