1. ALERT: This company is just another MLM Pyramid. Zilis does not make their own product. It is contract manufactured and relabeled. I am a former "ambassador" who just got thoroughly disgusted by the lack of openness on the part of the company, and their emphasis on signing up ambassadors, and getting rich! Noone at customer service knows anything about the science of the product. UltraCell CBD is a highly diluted suspension in water and some cheap oils, with just a tiny bit of real hemp oil in it. Run away from this company! I am so glad to have all the automatic shipments stopped and not having to feel like I need to prey upon all of my friends and associates in order to get them signed up!

  2. Why is there an overweight nurse ? How can she help heal when she can’t heal herself from obesity ?

  3. As a fellow nurse I have some professional license questions and BON questions in general. Please contact me.

  4. Sound like an isolate than a full spectrum, full spectrum has the whole plant and less than .3 percent thc which can come out as traces of thc

  5. Great testimony and good job on getting the word out about Zilis! What an amazing company to be a part of! Best wishes to all 3 of you as you spread the benefits of CBD!

  6. Miligrams is not absorption rate. 1000mg is 100% and you do not have pure CBD. False Advertising. You bitches are dumb. You need to go to prison.

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