3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review. Support us on Patreon so we can make more …


  1. The title for this video is lame and misleading. Should be called "Having a boring talk about someones opinion"

  2. I got psychosis from smoking n ended up in a mental hospital for 8 days smh

    I still smoke, I believe it was those carts that fcked me up

  3. The only way weed is a gateway drug is that you have to buy it off someone who most likely sells other drugs too

  4. That is funny how its similar to a modern day witch hunt. Man crouching behind a bush, and swat comes in, "burn him!". It is unsafe for you to do that so we are going to put you in a cage, where people occasionally get killed, but ehhh its for your safety.

  5. If herb is stronger today control the amount you take lol. People amaze me with their stupidity.

    Compare it to hard liquor? Have 1 drink (water down if you want) instead of multiple drinks.

  6. This doesn't take into account just how much money nonviolent drug offenders put into the pockets of private prisons, lobbyists and finally politicians. As with all things. Just follow the money.

  7. Suger is a drug and literally has killed more people then all drugs combined but yet weed has literally proven to prove medical benefits thats why the government owns the the rights to any medication from marijuana

  8. I feel likes it’s my place to leave my opinion real quick, but I was born with thought disorders and anxiety for reasons I do not feel comfortable talking about here, but I’ve been told to keep my mental health good or I could end up like my mother. My mother had a myriad of problems and doctors were scared that stress could trigger something in my Brain. Hearing how thc can cause psychosis and other problems but I really don’t think so. If I have a chance to develop problems, I feel like I would have started feeling it by now. I’ve been smoking since freshman year of high school and I shit you not I smoke every single day. I smoke large amount to small amounts from day to day. I get High so I could eat, and feel less stressed. I’ve never known anyone besides my crazy ex who didn’t like weed (she hated weed because she’s the kind to over react to the high)

  9. Hahahahahaaaaa u speack about weed , and we do DMT LSD AND SHROOMS , and u say that is dangerous:))) ( srry for my eng )

  10. about the thc to cbd ratio if it was legal more people would have access to it through dispensarys and staff can give this information out and let the user pick how much thc to cbd ratio giving them a choice insead of getting what a dealer gives you

  11. the illegality of recreational use and/or medical use of marijuana is just a money making scheme in favor of the DEA. change my mind

  12. This is bullshit.
    I have been smoking a long time and the only thing I have is a short time memory

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