2020 Democrat Vows to Legalize Weed and More | NowThis

If elected, 2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand would legalize weed and expunge records for all non-violent cannabis convictions. » Subscribe to …


  1. Yea legal dope,,, so more people, ,, get hooked, ,,, and lazy, ,, then they need demicrats, ,, to raise more taxes,,, on the working slaves,, to support, the, lazy dope smokers,,,, but lazy dope smokers mean more Dem voters,,,

  2. Wow she wants to make it a controlled substance… that makes it a felony for people that aren’t supposed to have it. Just make it legal recreationally! Unless there’s steps you gotta take then so be it

  3. Andrew Yang wants all the same changes. Why are you not covering them? Perhaps NowThis being owned by MSNBC is the reason.

  4. Allow weeds protecting black people been racial profiling by white cops and also 100ft signal shouldn't be use on black.

  5. How's this for irony: She announced she was running on Colbert's show, and yet she hasn't appeared in Our Cartoon President.

  6. If Alcohol is legal, I don't understand why Marijuana isn't. Alcohol is far more detrimental to your health and others than Marijuana is. Nobody has ever died from an overdose on weed.

  7. Wow, she's really going to get all the pothead votes. Sad, but this is her best policy position.

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