2019 Session: Bill to expand medical marijuana access fails to take root

The push to add almost 40 qualifying conditions to the state’s medical marijuana program could not clear its first hurdle.


  1. The state does not care they are still preaching Reefer Madness it is clear we must now push for full legalization in the State. yet they continue to make people like me who suffer daily from sever Anxiety disorders and Insomnia and Asama and pains who can not get a recommendation from a doctor unless I pay them $250 and $150 revisit fee and the $50 fee every single year for at least 6 months They are forcing the persons like me to take treatments they clearly do know that there is only harms within there prescriptions and treatments when Cannabis has No side effects they keep screaming about harms when there is No proof NONE that cannabis causes any type of addictions and harms They have no scientific proof a bunch of doctors who only care about getting paid and a Year long SCAM just to get a recommendation when they clearly know people who are paying less then 10K a year can not afford these types of visits…. It is a sad day in Arkansas as a Arkansan When Government control's your medical use of something that is clearly legal in 11 other states in facts they can grow up to 12 plants and the state of Arkansas thinks they have the right to step on others Constitutional rights That is " That all are treated fairly by the same laws." Not only do they want you to go to these doctors who only care about big pharma and how much money they can milk you for and clearly do not care or the Arkansas Department of health does not care about compassion for people who clearly use this plant for a medical use Not to just get high clearly have no idea about how they harm people and even stop people from getting treatments that are more safer then ANY Prescription DRUG I guess it is time Arkansas we start to gather the names and get ready to place the ballot and this Constitutional amendment to fully legalize they clearly do not care if you have to move from your own home state to another just to get fair and safe access to a plant that HARMS NO ONE I guess we do not matter to these politicization and they clearly need to be removed from office and we clearly can do that by the vote to send the message to all the Arkansas politicians 33 states and 11 states legalized it for some kind of use why must Arkansas continue to lie to the public it is time We file Lawsuits In the State !!! Below is the conditions and a medical opinion by MD doctors of why they in there own opening think it should be used and recommended for medical use We have not yet began to fight battle and it clearly is a battle you will not win #MPP #Norml #MedicalCannabisAct #CrookedPolititions #Lawsuits #ConstatutionalLAWS …!


  2. Idk Whyin the Hell,Our State of Arkamsas Has to constamtly run last and get everything made into a lwa last,I hate that people that live ANYWHERE,besides Ar.or Texas pretty much tbink that We are all backward hicks.Why dont Yall get it right for Once Just legalize it medically,and recreational,And You wont have a bunch of good hardworking people sitting in and taking up ALL OF THE JAIL CELLS THAT REALLY BAD CRIMINALS SHOULD BE SITTING IN, MY GOD ,MARIJUANA IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING,NOT A DROP IN THE BUCKET AS DANGEROUS AS ALCOHOL AND I PROMISE YOU THAT,AND IT IS AND HAS BEEN LEGAL FOR YRS.AND THAT IS NO WORSE THA. MAKING COCAINE LEGAL IN MY BOOK. CUZ THEY ARE BOTH TERRIBLE LIFE SHATTERING DRUGS,WEED IS NOT ANY OF THESE HORRIBLE THINGS.GRRRRR🐯🦁🐯

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