1. Considering the politicians in WV never want to do anything to help the state, I don't think it will happen. Why not put recreational use up for a vote. That way in typical spineless politician fashion no one in office has to have an opinion, and regardless of whether or not it passes the majority of the voters are happy. The reason they can't get the medical marijuana legislation passed is because they keep trying to take the marijuana out of it. Anyone with any sense can read the bill on line and realize they are better off doing it illegally, and keeping their job, guns, and drivers license. If it's recreational use is legal in WV before most other states, people will come here for it and see what else the state has to offer while they are here. It could increase the number of people who come here for vacation, business, possibly even give young people a reason to move to WV instead of away from. If we are one of the last few to legalize recreational use then the insensitive to come here won't be there. You have to get people in WV, so they will have reason to come back.

  2. Get those corrupt politicians who only work for themselves and not the American people out of office so we can progress collectively as a nation and not just the few who will watch children suffer just to get a big paycheck.

  3. In short,he's saying it's being blocked by big pharma that is funding the politicians to be elected. So,till you vote out the politicians that are funded by them,you won't get legal recreation weed passed

  4. So Doc is that synthetic heroin that you prescribe safe,lol,what a joke that guy is. He's one of the crooks that money off it being illegal.

  5. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

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