1. I watched your first grow, and watched you SLAY it, though that chop wouldda broke my old back.
    Good luck

  2. Nice bushes bro, I'm a fellow subscriber ,how often are you feeding and watering them and how much per gal. Check out my outs, I need some tips. Im feeding them about 4-5 gal each every 3 days..plz help out a fellow asian grower

  3. Hey for your pum dilemma, why not keep aeration part and get a simple sump pump to feed/water with?

  4. You should show us how you water your plants outdoor and what water hoses and water pump you use to pump out enough water ! I haven't been able to find a video on youtibe that demonstrates their outdoor watering system

  5. Hey man i gotta question im in portland OR and i have a bigger gorilla glue 4 plant that went into flowering already do you have any idea why?

  6. Yeah handwatering is a bitch lol, your gf is awesome for buying you that pump! Love your vids man, keep it up ✌🤙

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