1. So you basically grew a plant that was a morphodite and you got 20 seeds off that morphodite plant that's the best plant to start with now you want to get seeds off of your plant that you're going to plant in the same spot so you want another male off of this so you can cross your female by selective breeding year you're not selective breeding you're just cats marking it so it could be a low-grade genetics or to be a high grade genetics because it came up off of morphodites so you may have a really good seed Lemay have a shit seed good luck Garden looks good

  2. Alright alright alright nice very nice plants looking amazing great setup everything looking beautiful I'm loving it

  3. I had a seagull shit on me while i was at the horse races.Fucking lost everything i had. Mother fucken bird. lmao.😖😖 Good vid!!

  4. I feel your pain on this. Had to pull 7 plants out yesterday. That time of year…. I'd at least leave those roots in there and cut the plant as low as possible at the stalk. Those roots are still beneficial to the underground world.

  5. Animo flybird it happens that's why I get feminized seeds only. I was gonna say I'll buy 2 or 3 goats from you I'm in the market?

  6. Make extract dabble from male plant's
    Try at least, , something different, ,mix with buds like making moon rock..
    CBD collision with THC…

  7. It sucks to get rid of the males but it’s all part of the experience unless u want seeds but good luck frybird hopefully those were your last males

  8. i feel ur pain i had to rip out 7 plants 😭😭😭 makes me cry i went from 5 pounds to 2 maybe 3😭

  9. Plants are huge man holy shit sorry about the males sucks bro cheers why are gg4 seeds not gg4 I'm confused

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