1. Are these autos ? I don’t understand how I can grow outdoors all year round and get the plants to flower , also do you start indoors

  2. What strain would you say you have had the most success with outdoor ?? Great content bro keep up the food work.

  3. In Oklahoma here.1st grow. DAMN grasshoppers here. Those hanging baskets. That'll show them little pests. Not wanting 2 use many chemicals if possible. Do u transplant at any time??? Thanks ur outside grow 1 of the better. Love the jordan.

  4. Still in love with the hanging basket.. big garden its become bruv!! Gonna be a whole lot of grass to cut down end of the season.. and now a plant in a jordan haha air high fam love it

  5. Those are huge bushes brother. Super strong and healthy for damn sure. Up here we have about 2.5 to 3.5 weeks until flowering starts outdoors, rushing hard to get ready. Looks great sir.

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