1. How he get plant so big this early?
    Some I saw…lol, is only 18” tall on 7-15-19. You plant on May 1 ?

  2. what I do when  my plants are in super veg mode like that. I strip the inner leaves and select only the strongest nodes and rip the rest off. This inner defoliating helps trigger them back into veg. If you just keep letting them veg out. They will just grow wild and bushy. it looks cool, but once the fall comes, the nights are cooler, the worms, bud rot, and white mold will be very present with all that kinda foliage

  3. I heard in your voice when you said you helped your friend grow more than you… you sound like you messed up but you not hating on your friend. Good dude

  4. Been following ya sice before it poured rain on your starts back when.. have wondered how they were doing.. wow really good, I agree about the soil cost$$$ yikes..be safe.

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