1. Dude get one of those ezups for quick rain Shelter move it when it ain't raining rain hurt's the buds not veg

  2. Ok can't be that warm this time of year . It's just starting to warm up. Unless you've moved those beauties from indoor to outdoor .

  3. Start running some of them branches through the opening of your cage. So that u can get more light to the inside of the plant. To encourage more growth. Don't be afraid to bend the branches. Not bad for your first time.

  4. Dude you lack enthusiasm get excited next time you make a video other than that your plants look good little tip allot of pwople hate miracle grow but for autos use miracle grow moisture control potting soil for autos and no nutes ever with it and use 5 gallon for autos not 15 and not 3 gallon.

  5. Wow bro, no offense or anything, but your the first person I've ever seen who waits that long to top. I think I understand your logic as to why, but its just a bit of a shock to see them get so big first lolol. They look good, bro, keep it up and you'll be just fine.

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