2019 NYC Cannabis Film Festival preview

The New York City Cannabis Film Festival started in 2015 to help change the stigma surrounding marijuana. Michael Zaytsev, founder of High NY and author of …


  1. Legal? We have to beg for a plant lol fk u all…how low are you ppl? Fk your 'government' ALREADY ! You are slaves !!

  2. If anything the government needs to regulate are the churches and start taxing it just like any other business.If you stick your nose into politics you should have to pay your share of taxes.

  3. It's been toooo Loooong! Even Thomas Jefferson wouldn't have made Cannabis Illegal.. It's one of the Biggest Criminal Acts of the 20th Century.. 😯 The World Governments need to be $ued for Trillions of Dollars because lives have been Destroyed for Tooo Looong.. 🎉

  4. And how can ordinary people afford the Inflated prices that none of you want to talk about and where do you get your prices from , And don't start with the Electricity and Growing gear not in this day and age .

  5. Cannabinoid is produced Naturally in the human body via the Endocannabinoid System. We are made to consume cannabis. Genesis 1:29.

  6. Good now keep your filthy government's hands off of it and do not GMO it.
    No Monsanto ready weed

  7. Great News! Even Jesus suggested having Cannabis as a trading herb 2000 years ago! Its in the bible and other written works.. Cannabis helps with soooo many ailments and helps me now as well. I have severe neuropathic pain, this is literally a God Send..

  8. Allday erryday! You already kno tho! We out here! Been here. This seattle, wa ..been doin this. Get on

  9. Love this segment! Cannabis has nothing to fear from honest examination. Cannabis is like coffee. It doesn’t make people do anything bad. Legalize it and make reparations for those criminalized for cannabis related crimes. It’s crazy cannabis was ever illegal. Just goes to show how horribly unfair/unscientific laws can be. Question everything.

  10. The edibles are bunk!😒
    The beverages are Dank! 😊
    Dabs is where it's at tho😎
    Long Live Jemele Hill 🗣️

  11. This is what happens when you (1) challenge the governor from the left, (2) turn out to defeat Republican state senators and (3) take out fake IDC "Democrats" in primaries. Good!

  12. I’m really happy to see a News Station setting up a marijuana legalization advocate so positively for once. Big ups CBSN

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