1. Big girls, nice job….. if someone gifted u a 3ft beauty on this date that was on a 24/0 schedule, how would u deal with here this late in the game? ๐Ÿ‘

  2. Thank you for taking the time to make this an aesthetically pleasing garden. This is gonna be a tremendous garden!!

  3. Next time when it snaps in 2 tape that bitch back together ASAP and I am willing to bet it attaches itself back and it happens fast bro. I've done it many times. Subbed and liked.

  4. Good shyt, Keep up the hard work. many blessings are headed your way for every right decision youโ€™ve made. Great job๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

  5. By looking threw your page on another note you couldn't help me anyway bro lmao. Not even close to the scale I need. Calling me a cop lmao your another low level grower that thinks everyone is out to get you. Step your game up kid. Fuck you and the police your little bitch ass is scared of. If youre so worried about cops why the fuck would you put all your info on the net. Stupid as shit

  6. Also those cages dont have the right size spacing gonna be a bitch getting in there to green clean and spray

  7. Those plants are big but they need some N, and bruh, its waaaaaay too early to put out plants without em flipping. Amateur move. Ya live, ya learn

  8. Very nice I am currently in a toss up I started a couple white rhinos plan on doing outdoor but not sure whether to hydroponic or soil if I hydroponic it will be in a 36 gallon container if I soil it will be in 15 gallon grow bag

  9. U snapped that 1 don't worry its like she was topped she will bounce back just lost a quarter of the yield

  10. Do you use supplemental lighting too keep them from flowering? Thanks. Keep growing!

  11. Great stuff bro i'm gonna move my ladies out on 4/20 dang i thought mine were big already lol yours got a nice head start.

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