2019 Diet & Food Trends – CBD – Dietitian Talk

Here is my yearly Dietitian Talk going over the upcoming 2019 diet and food trends. A big one that started popping up in 2018 and only going to get bigger is …


  1. Hi Kara, I think most of your video is too long. It's hard to sit down to watch 20min of talking. Can you make it short and nice? Thank you.

  2. Hi there! Great video as usual. I wouldn’t say it’s up and coming because it’s been around for a few years but speaking of delicious nut butters you should try it g-butter is delicious and comes out it awesome flavors- cookies and cream, cookie dough etc and half the calories of your traditional but butters 🙂

  3. The Farm bill has really opened up hemp based products for everyone.   Just be careful – above .3% THC is considered marijuana = illegal. Also trace amounts of THC can still result in failed employment drug tests

  4. Ashley Kaltwasser mentioned the seltzer as an alternative for reaching daily water goals…I have been leaning on them for two years now, and it helped kick beer and soda altogether… They're great and I recommend trying the different brands if it fits your diet
    Thank you Kara for posting…Keep the content coming
    RESPECT from Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Hostiuck, out-

  5. Definitely expected to hear about keto, komucha and CBD. What is your opinion on kava / kratom teas? Are you familiar with those? I keep seeing them pop up more and more and not sure what to think in terms of health.

  6. I had Oat Milk in my long black a few weeks ago and can confirm it was lovely!! Always such great content, I agree with it all, even your point about the mushrooms lol. Gut health = mental health and for me that’s number one; I am a big consumer of kombucha and kefir. Perhaps a mention to this latter one separately to highlight the options to make milk and water based, as the gut health benefits are different to buch. ⭐️😊👏💯💪🏻

  7. Have you heard about the book or read The PLANT PARADOX The Hidden Dangers in ''HEALTHY'' Foods That Cause Disease and Weight Gain By, Steven R. Gundry, MD? I am currently reading it out of curiosity and was wondering what if you heard of it and what your thoughts on it was.

  8. a lot of people are going plant based now and I also think its great! never heard of oat milk though

  9. THIS IS SUCH A GREAT RECAP VIDEO! I feel like 'not dieting' is even being labeled as a diet as 'intuitive eating' so it seems like everyone is always dieting… but its definitely something I see people wanted to learn more about and be about with their lifestyle.

  10. Please help more info about CBD!! I suffer with terrible anxiety. It effects my life negatively and quite often. What is a good brand thats pure? Also I will be getting a new job soon and will need to pass a drug test. Thank you!

  11. I like sneaking in mushrooms into dishes that have a lot of strong flavors to mask it. An example is putting chopped mushrooms into a turkey meatloaf or a pasta sauce

  12. I love your Dietitian Talks because I know I am getting sound information from you. You're awesome! More in 2019?🙏🏼🤗

  13. Whatever you are reading or whatever podcasts you are listening to, KEEP IT UP! It is working for you. Ive always been a fan of your videos but notice a difference in the last little bit. I see 2019 being a big year for you 🙂

  14. Can the ketogenic diet please die off as peoples "go-to" diet?!? If you can't successfully track macros then you should not do the ketogenic diet.

  15. I was on keto in 2013 to lise baby weight shit is old news. You'll never build real muscle on keto. Only a weight loss tool

  16. Very interesting and informative! I have chronic stomach pain so I know how important gut health is! I've actually ordered your product regulator which you totally could have talked about but you're so classy that you wanted to give an informative non bias view👍💜😊🐶😁

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