2019 Cali Legal Grow * Day 17 * Harvest Time for Vaders Vintage!

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  1. man it took me over a year to get ninja fruit I hope it don't take me long to get this next favorite strain I love this flower brother wow i

  2. What a great show to catch first thing Sunday morning after my wake and bake, Vader I like your style

  3. Do you have any air moving fans running in the dry tent? And how do you control humidity in the tent? Great video thanks.

  4. Love the videos.. Definitely appreciate the time you take to make them. I started a 2×4 tent in my room a year ago i bought a P600 from PlatinumLED, great light. I started with DWC for 2 grows i made my own system, and the growth rate is awesome. Just switched to coco coir and so far so good. I have 3 plants in a scrog 4.5ft x 5ft and it's full already, 2 of the plants are budding nicely. Im using calimagic, general hydroponics cocotex bloom and koolbloom liquid on them. Should i be using anything else with that? The koolbloom seem to make a big difference on tricome production. Being the first time growing with coco coir just not sure what to use and what not to use. I was using advanced nutrients jungle juice in dwc and i definitely like the advanced nutrients better. I use an RO filter to mix my nutes also.

  5. Man i would love test some of that in my outdoor garden this year!! Are all ur lights vented hoods an what is watts over each tray??

  6. Great grow thanks for posting so many updates this is a wicked series! Larger fan leafs could have been produced by the plants to increase leaf surface area to compensate for low light levels. The Vintage really looked ginormous and awesome but also a bit crowded due to that. In my greenhouse crops class we grow cucumbers a lot and one way we can tell if we need to turn on the HPS lights more or less is by how big the leafs grow to, and internode spacing of course.

  7. I'm curious, did you flush the Vader's Vintage, and if so, how long before harvest? I was just curious as to why the leaves were so green yet when the plant was pulled. I don't have grow experience, but it was my understanding that after a flush, the leaves will yellow and purple from lack of nutrients. Your plants still being so green at harvest, makes me think the leaves are still full of nutrients. Like I said, I have no growing experience and am probably wrong, but I would love for some clarification if you can provide it.

  8. As always, impressive as hell. Did you go to school for any of this? Can't wait to try these in my greenhouse.

  9. Are you sure those leaves are from cannabis? Thats some venus fly trap level scary there bro..

  10. Aloha Vader! Another great video, Vaders Vintage turned out pretty, I am trying to talk Nerd into bring some old school skunk to the Ocean Grown genetic line up, I've been craving/searching for some old school, smell up the room when you open the jar; SKUNK for like 3 years now, it would be fantastic (as you would say :))) if Ocean Grown started breading some Skunks. Please. please pretty please with Cherries and all….I figure if I bug everyone on the team sooner or later one of you will rise to the challenge so to speak. He he.

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